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Learn Basics Of Palmistry


This is an overview of Indian Palmistry for beginners to help understand Indian palmistry better.

You may also like to learn 5 lucky sings on hand as per Indian Palmistry.

1. Shape of palm.

2. Fingers of palm.

3. Mounts on palm.

4. Lines on palm.

5. Signs on palm.


1. Satvik - Soft, pink color, long fingers. Spritual, learned, and Saint.

2. Rajas - Knotty, square, middle lenght, shaped. Clever, hard worker.

3. Tamas- Hard, unshaped. Labour.

4. Misrit - Mixed palm. All.


1. Tarjani - Index finger, Jupiter finger.

2. Madyama - Middle finger, Saturn finger.

3. Anamika - Ring finger, Apollo finger.

4. Kaniska - Little finger, Mercury finger.


1. Long fingers.

2. Short fingers.

3. Square fingers.

4. Conic fingers.

5. Spalulated fingers.

6. Smooth fingers.

7. Crooked fingers.


1. Guru parvat - Mount of Jupiter - Underneath Index finger - Represent father, leadership, morality, spirituality, self-respect, and ambition.

2. Sani parvat - Mount of Saturn - Underneath Middle finger-Represent mother, poverty, fate, age, problems, service, and fame.

3. Surya parvat - Mount of Sun - Underneath Ring finger - Represent education and fame.

4. Budh parvat - Mount of Mercury - Underneath Little finger - Represent business, marriage, and speech.

5. Mangal parvat (Upper, negative, Ist & Lower, postive, IInd) - Mount of Mars - Upper mars- Middle of Mount of Mercury & mount of moon- Represent religion. Lower mars - Middle of Mount of Jupiter & Mount of Venus - Represent enemy. Overall Mount of Mars - Represent courage, blodness, anger, danger.

6. Shukar parvat (Upper, Ist & Lower, IInd)- Mount of Venus - The area covered by Life line - Upper Venus - The attached area with thumb - Represent siblings. Lower Venus - Next to the Upper Venus closer to the Mount of moon - Represent relatives, friends. Overall Mount of Venus - Represent sex, love, partner, luxury, family, vehicle, Land.

7. Chandra parvat (Upper, Middle, Lower) - Mount of Moon - Mount of Upper Moon - Underneath Upper Mars. Mount of Middle Moon - Underneath Upper Moon. Mount of Lower Moon - Underneath Middle Moon. Overall Mount of Moon - Represent imagination, plan, water, partner, intuition.

8. Ketu - Middle of Lower Mount of moon and Lower Venus - Represent water, travel, mercy.

9. Rahu -Between Upper and Lower Mount of Mars - Wealth, fame, fate, problems, quarrel, deception, fraud.


1. Jeevan Rekha - Life Line - Represent Vitality.

2. Mastak Rekha - Head Line - Represent Brain.

3. Hirdya Rekha - Heart Line - Represent Heart.

4. Bhagya Rekha - Fate Line - Represent Fate.

5. Shurya Rekha - Sun Line - Represent Fame.

6. Swasthya Rekha - Health Line - Represent Health.

7. Mangal Rekha - Mars Line - Represent relations, family, courage, support Life Line.

8. Vivah Rekha - Marriage Line -Represent Marriage.

9. Santan Rekha - Children Line - Represent Children.

10. Chandra Rekha(atinandirya rekha) -Line of Intuition - Represent Intuition.

11. Suman Rekha(vasana rekha) - Line of Vialasciva - Repersent Luxury, sensuality.

12. Shukar Rekhae - Lines of Venus - Represent Siblings, friends, relatives.

13. Manibhand Rekhae - Lines of Bracelet -Represent vitality, phase of life.

14. Shukar Mudhra - Girdle of Venus - Represent sex, sensuality.

15. Ravi Mudhra - Ring of Sun - Represent fame, deception.

16. Sani Mudhra - Ring of Saturn - Represent fate, alone, solitary.

17. Prabhavik Rekha - Lines of Influence - Represent Obstruction.

18. Vidhya Rekha - Line of education - Represent education.

19. Guru Mudhra - Ring of Jupiter - Represent ambition.

20. Budh Mudhra - Ring of Mercury - Represent business, speech, skills, lotery.

21. Yatra Rekhae - Lines of Journey - Represent travelling.

22. Shatru Rekhae - Line of Enemies - Represent trouble by enemies.


1. Gunak - Cross.

2. Yav - Island.

3. Nakchatra - Star.

4. Tribujh - Triangle.

5. Varg - Square.

6. Jaal - Grill.

7. Trisul - Trident.

8. Machli - Fish.

9. Til - Mole.

10. Kundak - Circle.

11. Swastik.

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Indications Of Winning Lottery, Satta And Gambling In Palmistry

Chances of Lottery and Gambling in Palmistry - Lottery Line On Palm Palmistry

what are the chances of my winning lottery via palmistry? The person is a fool hardy gambler, if found larger than middle finger.Its crookedness and extreme length further degrades the person as a tricky gambler.

Do You Have These Lucky Lines In Your Palm?

If Ring finger is equal to Middle finger then the person is found of speculative deals and risks his life, money and reputation. 

The person is a fool hardy gambler, if found larger than middle finger.Its crookedness and extreme length further degrades the person as a tricky gambler. 

If it is extremely long along with a strong mount of Mercury, the person willingly takes risks in business.

If branch from mount of Saturn join health line underneath mount of sun then indicates sudden gain of wealth, lottery win, success in share market, property, land business.

If fate line raised from head line then indicates sudden gain of wealth but after age 35.

Money triangle also indicates richness or sudden gain of money.

How to find lottery numbers on hand through palmistry - honestly this is not true but yes there are few lucky signs on hand which indicates sudden gain of money through speculative business.

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5 Lucky Signs On Hand Palmistry

Five Lucky Signs On Hand - Hindu Palmistry

1). Fish Sign

2). Flag Sign
3). Swastika Sign
4). Lotus Sign
5). Temple Sign

You may also like to learn basic of Indian Palmistry (name and meaning of lines and mounts).

How To Recognize A Luck Line And Signs On Hand

Detailed description of auspicious sings on hand - Palmistry

1) - Fish Sign
Fish Sign

Machli (Fish Sign) is big oval shape sign and only found on Mount of Ketu or Mount of Moon.

If a person has Machli (Fish) sign in his/her hand then that person is religious and prosperous. He is noble minded and works for charity.

He will be always scared of water. He will have an incident of drowning in his life but someone will save him. He always suffers from sinusitis type of problems.

Shankh (Conch Shell) present in hand also has same results as mentioned for Macchli Chinha/Fish Sign.

2) - Flag Sign

If vertical line from Head line or Life line goes towards Mount of Jupiter and square on it then it is considered to be Flag Sign which signifies lots of happiness in old age, spiritual and good writer.

If vertical line is cut by any bar line then it reduces the effect of Flag Sign.

3) - Swastika Sign
Swastik Sign is a Hindu Sign. Swastika Chinha is an auspicious sign that denotes scholar, rich and spiritual person. Swastik Sign on Mount of Jupiter denotes interest or inclination towards spirituality or a famous spiritual leader. If Swastik Chinh on Mount of Venus then denotes profit from land and subject will donate big amount of money in temple or for good work.

4) - Lotus Sign
Triangle on Heart Line
If there is a triangle on end of heart line then this yog/sign consider Lotus Sign (by some Indian Palmists)

Lotus Sign is rare sign denotes spiritual leader, and learned person.

5) - Temple Sign

Mandir- Temple Sign On Hand Palmistry

The sign of temple or Shivalaya in the hand is indicative of a rich and great personage having exalted position in life. It is the sign found on the hand of royal people, prophets, saints and of course was present on the feet of Lord Krishna; on the hands of Tagore etc.

The sign of temple (mandir) on palm formed by a square attached with a triangle on it giving it the shape of a temple. This is mostly found on the mount of Jupiter. 

This is rare sign on hand.  Great reformers and famous social workers have such a sign on their hands.  Should the hand be materialistic, this sign bestows vast wealth on the subject. 

The temple mark shows that the subject will occupy a very high position in society.

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Haunted & Sexually Attacked By A Ghost - Solution

Haunted & Sexually Attacked By A Ghost - Solution

Haunted & Sexually Attacked By A Ghost - Solution

Client Message & Her Problem:

I was haunted by a spirit, and he scratched me; it was a very bad injury. Is this a curse on my palms/marriage? This spirit sexually attacked me as well. This is not a joke, and I have witnesses.

I was haunted by a ghost while i was at a boyfriend’s dead grandfathers house. the grandfather was supposedly very abusive to women. in my sleep, the ghost grabbed my buttocks and kissed me. i looked to see if it was my boyfriend and no one was there. my boyfriend saw the blankets move by themselves on me and he didn't even believe in ghosts. i was haunted for a long time and i got this scratch on my wedding finger from the ghost while i was washing my hands. it was so bad i was sent to the hospital and it looked like part of my finger was taken out. i just wanted to make sure that this scar was not a sign that the ghost is going to curse my marriages. while i got the cut from the ghost, i was washing my hands and crying and said to my “i will never get married...” and then it felt like a knife cut me. it may not be relevant, but i just want to make sure


1). If you are using perfume then stop using it.
2). Wash your bed sheet daily or alternatively.
3). Clean your private parts and maintain hygiene.
4). If you are Hindu then recite "hanuman chalisa" daily.
5). If you are Muslim then recite "aytul-kursi" daily.
6). You need to wear "Tiger Eye Pandant" in chain or black thread.
7). You need to wear "Gomed" in middle finger of left hand. 

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Read This Post Only If You Are Divorcee Or Breakup/Separation With Partner

Read This Post Only If You Are Divorcee Or Breakup/Separation With Partner

Read This Post Only If You Are Divorcee Or Breakup/Separation With Partner

Check sign of divorce and breakup on your hand-

Check sign of divorce and breakup on your hand-

If there is fork sign at the end of Marriage Line it indicates chances of Break up. If fork is not big then it means Break up for some period of time, reason being differences of opinion, Extramarital Affair.  (Fig-3)

Read about more signs about divorce and breakup and detailed information about relationship and marriage line 


In Palmistry there are some yog, signs, mounts and lines in the palm which indicates richness and poverty. Fortunate sign (raj yog/laxmi yog) raise a person to richness, wealth even if he/she is born in poor family.

Palm Reading Money Line And Signs On Palm

How much money i will make in my life?

In Palmistry there are some yog, signs, mounts and lines in the palm which indicates richness and poverty. Fortunate sign (raj yog/laxmi yog) raise a person to richness, wealth even if he/she is born in poor family.

Read: Money Line In Hand In Hindi

Wealth Lines In A Palm Reading

In your hand Mount of Sun, Mount of Venus and Mount of Jupiter should be prominent and with no bad signs. Mount of Sun represents creativity and success.  Mount of Venus represents sex, passion, vitality and luxurious life and Jupiter leadership qualities. 

Fate line is also very important to consider.  Fate line always starts from bottom or middle of the palm but always ends on mount of Saturn.  Your fate line should be long and straight which ends on mount of Saturn without any breaks and bad signs on it.  This gives you continuous financial gains.

The Sun line needs to be considered also. Sun line also starts from bottom or middle of the palm and ends on the Mount of Sun.  This line also indicates financial gains and richness.

All major lines, i.e., Head, Heart and Life line should be long and clear and without any breaks or bad signs. They indicate health, vitality, fortune and overall well being.

Lines And Signs Of Poverty 

In poor person palm you will find most of the mounts are low and depressed.  There are so many crisscrossed lines on the palm.  Bad signs on Plain of Mars indicating debts, financial losses, litigation and obstacles in life.  

In poor person hand Fate and Sun line is mostly absent. If present, it is unclear and cut by rahu lines or obstacles lines/worry lines. It indicates financial losses or lack of earnings.

There are some bad signs on hand which indicates loss of reputation, loss of money, financial losses in business, money loss in share market, and stock market. 

There are some bad signs on hand which indicates loss in property, cheating in business, etc.

Some common inauspicious signs indicates failure in life and poverty in life:-

  • Gopuch ( Tassel ) on sun line:- Inauspicious sign, unsuccessful career
  • Gopunch (Tassel ) on fate line:- Inauspicious sign, unstable career
  • Sun line moves towards Mounts of Saturn :- Inauspicious sign, less success and less fame
  • Downward branches from sun line :- Inauspicious sign, less success
  • Downward branches from fate line :- Inauspicious sign, obstacles , demotion 

Wealth And Money Signs On Palm

Some common auspicious signs indicates good success and wealth in life:-palmistry

Some common auspicious signs indicates good success and wealth in life:-

  • Branch of fate line join sun line:- Auspicious sign, lucky
  • Both sun line and fate line are good:- Auspicious sign, famous
  • Fish Sign at the end of life line:- Auspicious sign, rich, spiritual
  • Trident on sun line:- Auspicious sign, rich, famous
  • Trident on fate line:- Auspicious sign, rich, famous
  • "M" symbol on hand:- Auspicious sign, wealthy (Nitin Kumar Palmist)
  • Upward branches from sun line:- Auspicious sign, spectacular success
  • Upward branches from fate line:- Auspicious sign, promotion
  • Sun line branch join health line :- Auspicious sign, huge success in business
  • Star on top of sun line :- Auspicious sign, wealthy, rich.

Beggars Palm Lines And Signs

There is no particular sign of beggar or begging in palmistry but if there are too many Rahu Lines (worry lines), criss-cross/zig zag lines all over hand, absent of Fate Line and absent of Sun Line or defected Fate Line and Sun Line (cuts by many horizontal lines, broken, islanded, etc) indicates lack of fortune, debts and hurdles in whole life.

Also if Head Line and Life Line are joined at the beginning and both are very very much defected, this indicates subject born in poor family or severe health problems after birth. 

Some common inauspicious signs indicates bad luck and poverty:-

  • Rahu Lines all over hand:- Inauspicious sign, unlucky
  • Absent of fate line and sun line:- Inauspicious sign, struggle throughout life, failure
  • Island on Sun Line:- Inauspicious sign, bankruptcy, loss of money 
  • Line from 1st Mars intersect sun line:- Inauspicious sign, trap in scandal, loss of money, debt.
  • Bad sign on Mount of Saturn- Inauspicious sign, poverty, suffering from black magic, evil eye.
  • Cross at the end of life line- Poverty and misfortune at the end of life or in old age.

Sign Of Good & Bad Husband Palmistry

Marks of a Good Husband

He possesses a long Heart Line which forks in the end, one branch .going between the first and the second finger and the other to the Mount of Jupiter.

The thumb stands straight and there is ample spare between the thumb and the first finger. There is a balanced development of the phalanges of the thumb. There are signs of Yuvs in both joints of the thumb.

A good Head Line slightly bending towards the Mount of Moon, making him sensible and well-behaved.

The fingers are evenly set on the palm (at least two middle fingers should be in a straight line) and the little finger is straight and well-shaped.

The Lines of Fate and Sun are present and are free from defects, making him rich and successful.

Other good marks e.g. fish, triangle, Yuv or flag are present on the palm.

Unfavorable Signs on a Man's Hand (Bad Husband)

(a)       A man having a low-set little finger, which is short, round or crooked. The Heart Line short and branchless much raised and rayed Mounts of Moon and Venus and the first phalange of the thumb thick and second thin is likely to be too passionate and selfish.

(b)       A man having a weak, short or supple thumb, depressed Mount of Mars and overdeveloped Mount of Moon may fall into the drinking habit.

Future Husband Name On Palm | Palmistry

How to know about future husband through palmistry

It is not possible to tell you about your future husband's name through palmistry.  We cannot predict exact profession or name of your husband from palmistry.  We cannot predict country of your future husband from palmistry.  We can only predict about future of your marriage or what type of your marriage in future, good or bad.  We can guide you if there is any chance of divorce or separation or happy married life.

Future Husband Name On Palm | Palmistry

Also it is not possible to tell you about your future husband's features and characteristics (handsome husband or not) through palmistry.

Yes, we can predict from palm lines and signs that your marriage will be arrange marriage or love marriage and about financial position, status, success after marriage.

We can get an idea from palm lines about your relationship, breakup, broken engagement, late marriage, extramarital affair, deception in love,  widow, widowhood, childlessness, sexual life, how many children, etc.

There are few signs on hand which indicate marry to rich person or rich after marriage.

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Client's Feedback - August 2018

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.