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Sun Line With Cross, Triangle, Forked, Trident Palmistry

Cross, Triangle, Trident And Fork On Sun Line

1). Cross is always bad on Sun Line - There are always chances of financial loss or cheating.

2). Triangle is always good on Sun Line - There are always chances of financial gain but mostly in old age.

3). Trident is always good on Sun Line - Trident on Sun Line is a sign of good luck.

4). Fork on Sun Line - Fork on Sun Line indicates subject is not able to get success due to bad concentration and ill-luck.

Sun Line Starting And Ending Point On Hand - Palmistry

Sun line is located at the bottom of ring finger. Sun line always ending at the base of Mount of Sun or below ring finger. Some of the people have more than one sun line. Such natives have soft nature and help others. They get unexpected progress in their life, Sun line starts in many ways like at life line, destiny line, head line or heart line, Mount Mars or Mount Moon areas etc. The different position of starting sun line signify different results in prediction:-

i. Sun line starting at life line:

It is a very good sign. Only few people have their sun line starting at life line. A native with such sunline and a heavy hand, achieves great success in life. Such type of native can perform many jobs at one time. They are multi-functional people they participate in politics and generally get name, fame it work area. If fingers are tall and thumb is inclined backside, then the native share others in their good or bad times, help others and in the process they can leave their work behind. Generally, these kinds of people are either judge or engineer.

If sun line starts at destiny line, the native is endowed with many traits.

But along with this, other symptoms should also be auspicious. Like heavy hands, straight fingers, or prominent mounts of planets. They have different kind of Work style. They get unexpected wealth if such native work in education field-they get name and fame. They are very intelligent person. If such native's brain line is in two parts then it is very auspicious. They give impartial decision and make others aware of their good & bad deeds. They get immediate success in life, if the brain line is faulty, their success is not very smooth. The get peace at the last moments of their life.

III. Sun line starting at Head line:

The native of such hand gets a delayed progress. But if there are more than one destiny line or double Sun line and hand is soft, then the native get sure success. They are likely to get family support also. They can accomplish many plans by their intelligence. They get wealth and reputation in their life.

IV. Sun Line starting at heart line:

The native tends to get progress after struggle, if the sun line starts at heart line. A broken fate line or island on it, the entire life is wasted. If these symptoms are not present, then the native gets success towards the end of life. There will be a possibility of getting success after the age of 30 or 35 years if there is more than one sun line along with this symptom. Such natives are clear hearted. They get cheated by their own person, A faulty or broken sun line does not provide any help to the native. If the brain line is faultless, then the native gets help from one or other resources and they manage their financial condition in away with difficulty.

V. Origin of sun line from Mars place:-

This is a rare symptom. The native of such hands do not have sound health in their childhood. They are likely to get late success in life. Sometimes they work is confusing manner which put them into legal hassles. There is always one or other tension in their life throughout. They don't have a very good family life and tend to get angry fast.


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