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Mole On Vagina | Birthmark On Vagina | Astrology Meaning Of Mole On Female Private Parts

Meaning of Mole On Vagina | Birthmark On Vagina | Astrology Meaning Of Mole On Female Private Parts

Meaning of Mole On Vagina | Birthmark On Vagina | Astrology Meaning Of Mole On Female Private Parts

The predictions are varying according to the size and color of moles on the lips of the vagina, whether it is right side or left side to the vagina.

In general moles on vagina indicates characterless woman or involved in many affairs, sex addicted.  Mole on pussy also indicates divorce and separation due to illicit relationship and affairs.

If woman is not characterless then there are strong chances of venereal disease, STD.

If the moles are present on left side to the vagina, they used to have sex with strangers for earning money and for sexual satisfaction. They never get tired to have sex with other people also for earning money.

If moles are present over right side of the vagina, she is very much beautiful and has sex with her husband only. They never allow anybody though they are interested to have sex with her.

If moles are present between upper portion of vagina and below the navel, they used to attract opposite sex, but they do not out show their willing to have sex.

Read this post in Hindi- Aurat Ke Private Part Par Til Hona

Email from lady regarding black colored mole on inside vaginal lips-

I'm 30 year old woman. I read your page on meaning of mole for woman inside vagina. Actually sir I'm having a black colour mole on the inside of my down lips. On left side. Sir every thing you say has happened to me. I divorced, I was making private relation with all men when in married. I'm divorce now. I'm haveing too much need for wanting man relations and man parts. it's very difficult. I touched man part of cousing brother (mama son) when i was small age. I'm always thinking of it at work also. Now i living alone for three years. I feel ashamed on inside but also very much like it. I'm not able to control it sir. My mind stoped working feeling stars, not able to think and just want to make relations with some man.

Please sir suggest some help, I very much need your help in controlling my need for man parts. 

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