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Palmistry | Traveling Lines With Figures

Description of Traveling Lines

Foreign Settlement Line And Signs

Traveling Lines are found on palm in following places:

1. Line going upwards from first line of bracelet. (D)

2. Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line. (B)

3. Line starting from Mount of Lower Moon and going towards Life Line. (A)

4. Line starting from Mount of Lower Mars and meeting the Life Line and going toward Mount of Rahu. (A)

5. Horizontal lines on Mount of Moon. (C)

6. Line starting from Mount of Upper Mars and going towards Mount of Sun indicates abroad travel. (E)

6. Other than these lines, we can also know about travels by Sun, Fate, and Head Lines.

Indications On Travel Lines


1. If there is fork at the end of Life Line and one branch goes towards Mount of Lower Moon and second branch goes towards Mount of Venus then this indicates that the person will leave his homeland and settle in different country or place forever. If there is no fork at the end of Life Line and Life Line is covering Mount of Venus then this indicates the person will settle in his homeland forever. (A1)

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Travel Lines - Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.

2. If lines start from Mount of Lower Moon and are going towards Life Line then it indicates small travels but if these lines are meeting Fate, Sun or Life Line then it would indicate big and beneficial travels. (A2)
Travel Lines - Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.

3. Line starting from first line of Bracelet and going towards the Mount of Lower Moon indicates good travel. (a). If this line reaches Mount of Jupiter then it indicates person will go for long travel and it would be good for him. (e). If this line reaches Mount of Saturn then it indicates unfortunate incidents while traveling. (d). If this line reaches Mount of Sun then it is good and indicates name, money and fame from traveling. (c). If this line reaches Mount of Mercury then it indicates success in business and sudden financial gains from traveling. (b)

Travel Lines - Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.

4. If Traveling Line coming from Mount of Lower Moon is not going upwards and is going downwards towards the bracelet then it indicates unsuccessful travels. (A4)

Travel Lines - Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.

5. Cross at end of travel line-Unsuccessful travel. (A5)

Travel Lines - Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.

6. Island at the end of travel line-Unsuccessful travel and loss from traveling. (A6)

Travel Lines - Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.

7. Two travel lines cutting each other-Needing to go two to three times for the same work to get it done.

Travel Lines - Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.

8. Travel line meeting Head Line and spot, island, or cross is there-Head injury while traveling. (A8)

9. Travel line starting from Mount of Lower Mars and meeting Life Line or reaching Mount of Rahu-Long travels (mostly in childhood). (Travel Line On Palm - A)

Nitin Kumar Palmist


Sign Of Madness In Palmistry

A grille or net sign in the quadrangle denotes madness, foolishness and stupidity.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

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Parallel Lines Both Sides Of Fate Line On Mount Of Saturn - Indian Palmistry

Small parallel lines on both sides of fate line on Mount of Saturn indicates subject is talented but get success late in life.

High Rank Post According To Palmistry

Hand Palmistry Of Girls Having Officer Rank In Destiny

1. Check your Sun Line and Fate Line. If your Sun Line and Fate Line is good then there are strong chances that you will get high rank post in government service or in any private company.

2. If there is no Rahu Line on your hand and your Sun Line is good then there are chances that you will get high rank service in your company.

If you want to read more about govt. job then visit here:

Ascending Line And Event Line Palmistry

Lines rising from the life line towards the mounts are called Ascending Lines. Also known as Event Lines. This Event Line denotes a particular rise in life. The figure shows:-

A) Personal ambition and success.

B) Wealth through personal efforts.

C) Creative success.

D) Success in business.

E) Desire for change or abroad travel.

Note: Do not confuse the Ascending Line with the Fate Line.

Tips For Beginners On How To Become A Palmist:

1. You should have desire to learn palmistry.

2. First of all confidence in yourself. Never hesitate when giving prediction whether it would be right or wrong. Just go ahead what you have learned and predict because without practical experience theory does not mean anything.

3. Start with your family members, relatives, and friends.

4. Make a diary. Every time when you see a new hand you would learn new things.

5. If you are a beginner try to give more past readings than future readings and see more hands of people of age 30 plus years.

Read Your Head Line In Two Minutes | Palmistry

Types Of Head Line And Sings On Head Line

1). Chained-Confusion of ideas.

2).Wavy-Fickle minded.

3).Tied to the Life line-Timidity and no education.

4).Pale and broad-Dull intellect.

5).Cross-Danger of accident.

6).Island-Workload heavy.

7).Knotted-Tendency to Murder.

8).Star-Pain in the teeth.

9).Breaks-Injury to brain.

10).Crosses near the line-Long illness.

11).Forked termination-Good thinking.

12).Triangle-Success in science.

13).Absence of the Head line-Foolishness.

14).Close to the Heart line-Asthma.

15).Spot-Risk of injury.



18).Circle-Chances of blindness.

19).Upward branches from head line - Success.

20). Downward branches from head line - Failure.

Indications On Palm Of Good Wife Palmistry

Hand Of Good Wife Or Helpful Wife In Palmistry

1). The fingers are conical and elastic.

2). The Heart line is branched and reaching the Mount of Jupiter.

3). The Headline is straight and slightly sloping.

4). The Mercury finger is pointed.

5). The palm is balanced but not narrow.

6). No island on sun line.

7). No break on fate line under headline.

8). Good marriage line instead of bad sign on marriage line.

9). Mount of Venus is not over bulgy and no bad sign on it.

10). Mount of Jupiter is not over bulgy and no bad sign on it.

11). Head line is tie with life line or no big gap in between them.

Marriage Line Touching Heart And Brain Line After Being Punctured By Other Lines (Mental Tension And Lunacy Caused By Marriage) - Palm Reading

Marriage line crossed head line and heart line

If marriage-line is transversed/intersected or punctured by a vertical line, and its one branch or a suddenly emerging line intersects brain-line or heart-line and also if a sign of star or an island also touches this line, then it should be taken for granted that marital life will be like hell and also replete with miseries, tribulations and troubles.

This factor can also become a contributory factor in causing mental festivity and trouble to the native(s) (see fig. 344) Similarly the said chance-line can also vitiate and adversely impact other mounts and sites too. If this line touches the lifeline, then marital problems and hurdles will adversely cast damaging effect upon native's health, and ultimately it might cause danger to his/her life even. Hence, it is essential that this line and its various impacts should be thoroughly studied before any prediction is made.

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Which Hand To Read (Left or Right) In Palmistry

Old Indian Palmists Theory About Left And Right Hand

Old Indian Theory About Hand Reading

In males see the right hand after sunrise at the hora of the day.

Ladies who are teachers, doctors, working as an active member of the family, should have their right hand studied.

If the person is left handed, see both the hands and them his/her left hand.

As a rule both the hands must be placed side by side and then studied according to the Indian Palmists.

Complete Guide Of Palmistry


After my seven years experience I have A. many mysterious information about Palmistry. Before I explain the complete study of palmistry you must believe in it.

After my research on hundreds of people I came to know many things about palmistry. People actually believe that palmistry is blind belief. But I will say that palmistry is a science explaining the perfect guidance of our future. Most scientists now believe that palmistry works. Actually there is a lot of difference between palmistry and astrology. In order to explain each and every line of palmistry you must first know how lines are formed. The major lines head line, heart line and life line are formed at the birth, this is of reason that the child will hold his fist close together which makes the responsible for the marks. That marks are not changes in his whole life. The three marks define the person's character, health, intelligent and life span. According to me the main reason for forming of lines other than the three major lines are the blood circulating in our body will sometimes slows at particular position in palm which makes the line appears. On the other hand, the lines are formed because of our nerves interactions.

Now let me directly enter the study of palmistry. In these chapters am going to explain each and every line in our palm. Before you start examine the lines you need to know few things. Which I will explain as question and answers.

1. Is palmistry true?

A : Yes. Because I have examined hundreds of palms of poor, rich, business person, artist, beggar and millionaire.

You can believe in palmistry. We already knew Cheiro's palmistry, but my palmistry found many changes than Cheiro's. with the help of my palmistry you can find the every persons behavior, character, intelligent, luck, love, happiness, earnings and even crime.

Not only the palmistry I will explain some mysterious articles of our hand. All the articles in this book I have explained in a easy way so that one can understand easily.

2. What about Planets and Sun signs?

A: Some people believe in Planets rather than Palmistry. Most Scientists and Astrologer found that the Planets have no influence in our life. But I will give a small information which makes you believe in planets influence.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto are the 9 Planets that shows influence in our life.

Let us take an example of Sun. We already know without sun there is nothing on Earth. For example let us take two persons, one from India and other from America. We can easily identify the person just seeing at them, because of their color, speech and body language. Let us take a person is having too much sun bath. We can say that the person will likely to affect from some diseases. According to science taking excess of sun bath daily will lead to dangerous diseases like Cancer. This is a direct research, but the indirect thing here is the person affects from Cancer only if he is likely to have too much sun bath. This will clearly show that there is influence of sun in our life.

For example if you see the Moon you feel like relaxing, stress less and peace. Here moon has some influence on us which makes us relax or other..... This also proves that Moon has some influence on us. In the same way the planets shows their effect on human beings which are responsible for rich, poor, good, bad, happy, unhappy, luck, unlucky and so on.

3. What about Horoscopes?

A: Most of my friends, Palmistry seekers will ask me whether the horoscopes will have influence on our future. The answer is No. Most of astrologer explains daily horoscopes saying this year is good, this year is bad and blablabla. Actually no horoscope is true. They do not show effect on our future. They are for nothing. My kind information is please do not believe in horoscopes. The sun signs are just an identification marks which helps one person to know which planet is influencing him.

One more important information is that the planets will not show their effects unnecessarily, for example a person is born under the influence of Venus, this person will be happy, rich, prosperous. All his planets influences are defined first itself, they again do not change.

4. What about moles will they have influence in our future:

A: Yes. They have, let us take an example. A person is having a mole on his knees, it explains that the person will be rich because of his wife's influence. You can take the moles as planets that influence at that particular position. But this is not the perfect time to explain about this.

5. How can we find a particular planet is influencing.

A. Most of us do not know which Planets is influencing. The answer is simple; I will explain how to identify the planets influences in our life. In palmistry the planets are called mounts. I will explain what the particular mount signifies.

Sun Mount: This one of the most important mount to have. If no sun mount no sun light to our future. The persons born under this mount will become familiar to society very quickly, Politicians, Leaders will come under this category.

Moon Mount : this mount will have a good influence in one's life. A person who is influenced by this planets can have his mount elevated. The persons having this mount will be rich, peace loving, travelers, lowers and artists.

Venus Mount: this mount will have a good influence in one's life. A person who is influence by this planet can have his mount elevated. The persons having this mount will be Artists; Will have prosperous, romantic, kind hearted as well as philosophic character. Most of Film Artists, Big Business persons, Teachers comes under this category.

Mars Mount: This mount will have some good as well as some negative influence, The person having mars planet influencing will be Anger, Short temper and Hard Workers, Software engineers, Private workers, team leaders will come under this category.

Jupiter Mount : One of the most powerful Mount to have. The people of this mount will be straight forward, Confident, intelligent, caretakers and dignified. All major big categories like a CEO of a Company, Administrator, IAS, IPS or a person of high position will have this mount. These peoples look so simple.

Source: A Complete Guide On Palmistry by Mr. Naik
Guest Ask Palmistry Question About Star On Mount Of Sun

I've researched a lot about palmistry and come across your work in this field. You have shown many accurate reading in the palm lines, I have a star on my hand and wanted to know what this means, the star is located near the Apollo mount and there is a sun line which stars from the mount Mars and ends to the star, can you please let me know on this meaning.


Star on Mount of Sun denotes subject will get good name and fame due to own efforts and talent.

सहायक बुधरेखा

सहायक बुध रेखा को कामभावना की रेखा भी कहते हैं। यह बुध रेखा के साथ उसके समानान्तर होती है। यदि यह दोनों हाथों में पाई जाए तो व्यक्ति में धन एवं काम की इच्छा अत्यधिक होती है। यह स्वास्थ्य रेखा पर आए हुए दोषों की मरम्मत अथवा उनको दूर करती है, बशर्ते की यह स्पष्ट एवं दोष रहित हो।

1. बुध पर्वत तक पहुंचने पर यह रेखा व्यक्ति को भाग्यशाली, कुशल वक्ता एवं चतुर बनाती है लेकिन चारित्रिक रूप से व्यक्ति पर भरोसा नहीं कर सकते हैं।

2. इस रेखा के स्वास्थ्य या बुध रेखा को काटने पर व्यक्ति को लीवर, भूख न लगना एवं अतिभोग के कारण स्वास्थ्य गिरा रहना संबंधी परिणाम होते हैं।

3. इस रेखा के अंत में दो शाखा युक्त होने पर व्यक्ति भोगी, आलसी व नि:शक्त हो जाता है।

4. इस रेखा से उदित कोई शाखा सूर्य रेखा को काट देती है तो धन-मान हानि होती हैं। यदिरेखा विलीन हो जाए तो धनागम होता है।

5. इसरेखा के लहरदार होने पर व्यक्ति व्यभिचारी हो जाता है तथा भाग्य वृद्धि में अवरोध आता है ।

Chotti Hridhya Rekha - छोटी हृदय रेखा (हार्ट लाइन ) - HASTREKA

छोटी हृदय रेखा (हार्ट लाइन ) होना बहुत अशुभ लक्षण है । ऐसा इंसान संकीर्ण विचारो वाला व्यक्ति होता है । अपने स्वार्थ के लिए ही जीता है । ऐसा व्यक्ति डरपोक भी बहुत होता है । घर पर ही ज्यादातर समय बिताता है । ऐसा व्यक्ति तंत्र मंत्र और शार्ट-कट से पैसा बनाने की फिराक में रहता है । ऐसे व्यक्ति की प्रवर्ति अत्यंत कामुक होती है ।

Chotti Hridhya Rekha hona bahut ashubh lakshan hai. Aisa insaan sankeern vicharo wala vykti hota hai. Apne swarth ke liye hi jeeta hai. Aisa vykti darpok bhi bahut hota hai. Ghar par hi jyadatar samay bitata hai. Aisa vykti tantra mantra aur short cut se paisa banane ke firaak mein rahta hai. Aise vykti ki parvati atyant kamuk hoti hai.

Horizontal Lines on Either Hand

Horizontal Lines On Both Hands- Palmistry

Horizontal lines represent resistances or blocks to the natural flow of energy to and from specific areas of the hands.

Of course we are not talking about the horizontal lines on the joints but rather those horizontals between the joints.

Horizontals reveal that the person is resistive to, or blocking, some personal qualities and energy in daily life. The specific location of the horizontal line indicates which personal qualities and energies are being blocked in the person’s life. For example, the end zone of the thumb (from the upper joint to the end) is associated with the qualities of will power and determination. If there are one or more horizontal lines in the thumb end zone, it reveals that the person has blockages or resistance to fully utilizing will power and determination.

The Three Bracelets

The bracelets have not much importance in reading the lines. There is one strange and peculiar point with regard to then, when it is high on the wrist, almost rising into the palm, particularly when it rising into the palm, particularly when it rose in the shape of arch, it indicates weakness in the relation to the internal organs of the body - as, for instance, in the bearing of the children.

Another significance attached to the bracelets is that, if well and clearly defined, they mean strong health and a robust constitution, and this again, it is interesting to notice, bears out in a manner the point I have called attention to.

The general characteristic of the line of Mars is that it denotes excess of health on all square or broad hands to a man of this type gives a martial nature, rather a fighting disposition, and robust strength. It also denotes that while it runs close to the life line the individual will be engaged in many quarrels, and will be subject to a great deal of annoyance, which will bring all his martial for fighting qualities into play. It is always an excellent sign on the hand of a soldier.

When a branch shoots from this line out to the Mount of Moon, it tells that there is a terrible tendency towards intemperance of every kind, through the very robustness of the nature, and the craving for excitement that it gives.

Finger Set

The point where the finger meets the palm is called the set point. Locating the set point is somewhat arbitrary because the set point may or may not fall exactly on an actual crease line on the skin.

To locate the set point most accurately, bend the finger slightly to see where the natural bending line is between the Lower Zone and the palm. Then draw an imaginary line along there. Jupiter and Apollo set points usually are at the same level, and are set slightly lower than Saturn’s set point. Mercury’s set point is slightly below the Apollo and Jupiter set points.

What the Set Point Indicates

The set point of the fingers reveals how strongly a person feels about specific needs. Any finger that is set higher than normal indicates that the qualities associated with that finger are highly needed and are very important to that person. We will be covering the individual qualities associated with each of the fingers in the following chapters. For now, just be aware of the rule that states, “A finger set higher than normal shows a higher than average need for the qualities associated with that particular finger”.

Ideal Love Palmistry

1. If heart line is starting from top of the mount of jupiter and forkless which indicates ideal love with no trace of sexuality.

2. Mount of Jupiter apex on center.

Trilateral Shape On Mount Of Saturn - Palmistry

Triangle On Mount Of Saturn

If there is a small independent triangle on Saturn Mount on hand without any cut or defect then it indicate that subject is a scientist, astrologer, occultist, saint, magician, and expert in hypnotism.

If this type of triangle is not good or properly formed then it indicates subject is a cheater and always try to cheat people from his talent and abilities.

Wavy Life Line Palm Reading

Wavy Life Line

Wavy Life Line: Instability in life and frequent health problems. Weak Health.

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Pitradosh On Hand In Palmistry

Short-Smooth-Long And Knotted Fingers In Palmistry

Short and Smooth Fingers

Most people have fingers of normal length but you will find some, which are either very short or very long when compared with the size of the palm.

Short fingers (see Diagram 2A) belong to people who hate to beat around the bush.
They think and act quickly and cannot be bothered with lots of small, fussy details. Slow, careful analysis bores them; instead, they like to go straight to the point.

Long fingers (see Diagram 2B) belong to people who think, Move and act very slowly.
They are careful, attentive to small details and seldom will do anything without thinking of all the pros and cons; consequently, they often miss opportunities.
Fast, efficient or impatient people will become exasperated by the way long-fingered people give slow, detailed, drawn-out accounts of everything they discuss.

Smooth fingers (see Diagram 2C) are on people who are guided their feelings, first impressions. They are quick to think and act and their motivations are based on intuition or inspiration rather than on cold, hard facts, reason, logic and rational analysis.
They appreciate all that is refined and beautiful.


Change Of Residence - Home Palmistry

Break in life line shows there are chances of change of residence or any other major change or loss in life.

Knotted fingers (see Diagram 2D) belong to people who seldom make snap judgments, because they like to analyze and thoroughly investigate all the facts.
They reason things out rather than act on feelings or sentiment.
If they carry these characteristics to excess, these people can be quite skeptical and lacking in imagination.

Sign Of Honesty

1. Long and unbroken Head Line.

2. Thumb is straight and developed.

3. Fate line starts from Mount of Neptune (Ketu) not from Mount of Moon.

4. Head line touches to the Life Line slightly.

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Diseases Related to Marriage Line In Palmistry

The Love lines of the Palm

Think of your palm as a road map of your life, a guide to romance and love. When reading the palm you should always read your dominant hand, the one you use the most. Therefore, if you are right handed, read the right hand. If you're a lefty, read the left hand.

On another note, the lines in your palms can change from month to month and year to year, depending on the emotions, the crises, the fortune, and the paths you experience. A palm reading done in August may not be the same as a reading done in December. Examine your palms every so often. You'll be amazed at the changes you may find. If you're like millions of other teens who want to see what their love line (a.k.a. the heart line) has to say, it will be extremely important to look at your palms every few weeks to see if there are any changes in this line. It will tell you when a new love interest is coming your way or if a breakup will occur. This is the line of the palm we'll explore in depth.

In order to get a good palm reading, you should have a magnifying glass so you can pick up the smaller, faint lines in the hands as well as the more defined ones. The deeper the line, the more strength its meaning will have. Faint or shallow lines show a lack of strength and energy. The number of lines is also a key factor. When you look closely at your palm you will see many lines; some long, others short and faint. These lines, along with meshing, netting, crosses, and other designs, are called palm markings. For a few specific definitions, read on.

Palm Markings

Branch: A line branching off from the original line. It usually means a change or new direction in a relationship. Perhaps a new love is on the horizon. If you're already dating someone, you could break the relationship off now.

Crosses; Two lines that are intersecting on a line means a struggle or hard times, The event or problem will be one you will not likely forget. Expect a crisis in your love life soon.

Stars: Seeing stars means your dreams will come true. Stars mostly show up on the head or heart lines. Expect true love to come to you!

Triangles. A good sign. These tell of happy times ahead in romance.

Breaks: Breaks mean endings. If there is a break in your heart line, it could mean the end of a relationship. If the broken line begins in a new direction, it means a complete change and a new love interest.

Netting or mesh: Usually shows up in your palms when you're tired and overwhelmed by your love life, and nothing seems to be going right in matters of the heart.

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Via Lascivia Line On Hand

Weak Fate Line

Please do not jump to the conclusion that if the Fate Line is weak, the subject will have a poor career or financial weakness at the particular age concerned.

Should the mounts of the hand be well-developed and other features such as the Sun Line be favorable, the subject can still be rich and have a bright career. In such a case, a weak Fate Line at that particular age will represent some psychological frustration in the job, troubles in domestic life, or worries over health, etc. Something will definitely be wrong somewhere, but it would be a serious mistake to jump to the conclusion that the subject has hit rock bottom in career and bank balance just because the Fate Line is weak or missing at a particular point.

Their mind is always scattered in many directions. They can't put too much thought into any single thing. They reach their decisions a bit too early and work upon it. They neither go into details nor talk much about it. They remain in a hurry and their speed is seen as superb. They also have a tendency to skip things they dislike and jump to easier things whenever it's difficult. They will not take much pain to know details of anything. They are doing one thing and thinking about others, sometimes their hurry also makes them forget small things. In their daily lives they may tend to be forgetful. For example, they leave their keys on their office desk and will only remember it after reaching home. Other people find their lives and deeds as very careless. Their actions are fast. My recent observation (not mentioned by any other hand reader till now) is that many (people with the short fingers) have poor hand writing. It is logical with the speed at which these people operate. (

These people work deeply. They put their minds to whatever task they're doing. The work of hastiness is not possible for them. These people put a lot of thought and planning behind each of their tasks. They love to work with care and perfection. Again artistic people are seen with long fingers. But it shouldn't be understood that long fingers would make someone an artist. Again my new finding is that these people have nice hand writing.

Broad palm with long fingers tells speed and deep thinking together. One can wonder if there is any difference between long fingers and a narrow palm. Yes, there is. A narrow palm would mean detailed actions whilst long fingers tell deep concentrated thinking about one thing.

Things to do for Better Learning Check the hands of some artists and fine working people amongst your family and friends. Also check the hands of a few people who are always in a hurry and are careless. (

Ascending Line And Event Line Palmistry

Lines rising from the life line towards the mounts are called Ascending Lines. Also known as Event Lines. This Event Line denotes a particular rise in life. The figure shows:-

A) Personal ambition and success.

B) Wealth through personal efforts.

C) Creative success.

D) Success in business.

E) Desire for change or abroad travel.

Note: Do not confuse the Ascending Line with the Fate Line.

Broken Sun Line Palmistry

Broken Sun Line indicates demotion, defamation, loss of money and eye troubles.

Sign Of Indulgence In Palmistry

Low Sperm Count Indian Palmistry

Cross on the Mount of Venus touching the Life line low sperm count, problem in marital life.

Love Marriage/Arrange Marriage/Divorce

Sign Of Prosperity (Saubhagyashali)

If branch of health line goes towards mount of sun then indicates prosperity, good wealth and success in life.

Island on marriage lines palmistry

An Island on marriage line signifies bad marriage.

Travel Line Meets Life Line Palmistry

Line of Travel Join Life Line

Travel line touch Life Line: Teerth Yatra Yog (Pilgrimage)

Break (gap) In fate line Indian Palmistry

Space in fate line: Change in job/service.

Spaces in fate line (more than one gap): Instability in career.

Square On Mount Of Mercury Palmistry

It saves a businessman from ruins and losses. It is a sign of security from restlessness and nervousness and the baser virtues of the Mount.

Know About Your Sex Drive From Your Hand In Palmistry

Mount of Venus represents sex and love in palmistry. If Mount of Venus is bulgy or prominence then it signifies activeness, energetic, romantic and sensual by nature. If Mount of Venus is overdeveloped then it signifies oversexed, more interest in sex than usual or excessive sexual appetite. If Mount of Venus is flat or depressed then it signifies less activeness, less energy and dull personality.

Health And Financial Problems In Old Age Palm Reading

Health Problem In Old Age

If there is an island at the end of fate line indicates problems in old age related to health and money. Also downward branches at the end of lifeline indicates health problems in old age.

Small Thumb Image Palmistry

Small Thumb: Follower and weak minded.

Stiff Thumb In Palmistry

Stiff Thumb is one which does not bend backwards like the supple thumb but remains stiff against any pressure to bend it backwards. Usually it tends to remain close to the hand. The individual with stiff thing to the test of his common-sense. He is cautious, determined. He plods along, does not spend lavishly and neither gives confidence nor invites but a steady person who does not attempt many things at a time rather successfully completes a few attempted. He has the sense of justice and great self control. The quality of skin consistency and color certainly make a large difference in qualities of this thumb. The coarse skin would make the possessor of stiff thumb stingy and hard hearted while fine skin will produce economy and sense of justice.

Generally there is brutal force behind the will of this thumb. If the second phalange is also developed and thick the arguments and reasoning are blunt and the person is too out spoken.

The consistency tells whether constructive energy or laziness is directing the will and logic. A weak thumb with energy is better than a good thumb spoiled by laziness of flabby consistency. Good thumb on a soft hand would like to exert itself but will get tired too early.

The Mount Of Venus In Palmistry

The Mount of Venus is found at the base of the thumb and is bounded by the life line. This mount relates to love, affection, passion, and vitality.

If this mount is reasonably high the person will be positive, enthusiastic, loving, and sympathetic. He or She will thoroughly enjoy life and be happiest inside the right relationship. He or she will be passionate about life and have plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

This mount is an important factor in determining compatibility. The height of the mount reveals how passionate the person is. Obviously, a relationship where one person has a high mount of Venus, but the other has an almost flat mount, would have enormous problems. In practice, we wants the heights of the two mounts of Venus to be about the same.

The Life Line determines how wide this Mount is. A large Mount of Venus reveals someone who is generous, giving, understanding, and considerate. He or she will also be open-minded, warm and enthusiastic.

A narrow mount of Venus created when the life line hugs the thumb, reveals someone who is cautious, listless, and lacking in energy and passion.

Sign Of Calculus, Calculi, Stone, Kidney Stone, पथरी (Pathari) In Palmistry


If heart line is not clear, chained, ladder type, and wavy then denotes chances of Calculus.

If head line is broken under Mount of Saturn then denotes chances of Calculus.

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यदि हृदयरेखा स्‍पष्ठ ना हो, जंजीरदार, सीडिनुमा, या लहरदार हो तो व्यक्ति को पथरी होने की संभावना बनी रहती है !

यदि मस्तक रेखा टूटी हुई हो शनि पर्वत के नीचे तो व्यक्ति को पथरी होने की संभावना बनी रहती है !

Secretive Nature - Secretive Person Palmistry


No gap between fingers or fingers are closely set in an open hand.

Apollo finger and Saturn finger leaning inwards towards each other.

Downward Curve On Heart Line Palmistry

Heart Line bend towards Head Line: Emotional, heart rules on mind.

Fork At The End Of Sun Line Palmistry

Hast samudhrik shastra mein vivah (marriage) ya lagaav (attraction) ki isthithi gyat karne hetu vivah rekha (marriage line) ka sahara liya jata hai. Vivah rekha ko lagaav rekha kahna jyada uchit hoga kyuki inhi rekhao mein se ek rekha vivah rekha (line of marriage) hoti hai. Vivah rekha ki upisthithi kanishka ungli (little finger) ki jad (root) mein budh parvat (Hill of Mercury) par tath hridya rekha (heart line) ke upar hatheli ke bahari bhag (outside of palm) ki taraf se hatheli ke andar aati hui paayi jaati hai.

yaha sabse badi bhranti (misconception) yah hai ki vykti ek se adhik paai jaane waali rekhao ka sambhandh ek se adhik vivah (multiple marriages) se jod dete hai jabki aisa bilkul nahi hai. Kuch apwado ko chodkar ek jeevanshati ke rahate doosara vivah (second marriage) karna gairkanuni shadi (illegal marriage) hai. Isliye doosare vivah ke barein mein anumaan lagate hue partham pati ya pahali patni (first wife) se divorce (talaak) hona jaruri hai.

Vykti ke marriage sambhandhi ikcha va dharana us par grah (planets) vishesh ke prbhav se niyantrit hoti hai. Grah prbhav awam vivah ke parti dharana yah hai:-

1. Chandra (Moon) prbhaavi vykti bemale vivah se bhi parhez nahi karte hai tath sheegra vivah ke ikchuk hote hai.

2. Shani (Saturn) prbhavi vykti vevhahik maamlo mein udaseen hote hai tatha deri se vivah ke pakshdhar hote hai.

3. Budh (Mercury) prbhavi vykti sheegra vivah ke ikchuk hote hai. Vevahik maamlo mein samjhota kar lete parantu chatur, ameer jeevanshati ki talash karte hai.

4. Guru (Jupiter) prbhavi vykti seeghra vivah ke ikchuk rahate hai tath apne parivar ko vishesh chahate hai.

5. Surya (Sun) prabhavi vykti sheegra vivah ke ikchuk hote hai inka bodhik istar uccha hota hai isliye ye apne jeevanshati mein wo sab qualities chahate hai jo in mein hai isliye inka vivah asontajanak hi rahata hai.

6. Mangal (Mars) prabhavi vykti sheegra prem va prem vivah ke ikschuk hote hai.

7. Shukra (Venus) prabhavi vykti sheegra vivah karte hai aur jydatar inka vivah kahi parichit ke ghar pr hi hota hai. Chat mangni pat bya ho jata hai.

Vivah rekha samabhandhi kuch sanketo ka fal is prakaar hai:-

1. Lambi, gahari, tath gulaabi rangat ho to accha vevahik jeevan (good married life).

2. Peeli vivah rekha ho dukhi vevahik jeevan.

3. Khandit ya tooti hui vivah rekha ho to dukhi vevahik jeevan aur algaav hona baar-baar ya phir kalah bani rahana vevahik jeevan mein.

4. Ek ek tukda doosare tukde ke upar chada hua hai (overlapping marriage line) to separation nahi hoga lekin kalah bani rahegi vevahik jeevan mein.

5. Vivah rekha pr dweep hone pr to kalahpurna vevahik jeevan.

6. Vivah rekha hridya rekha pr chali jaay to jeevanshaati bimar rahata hai.

7. Chotti vivah rekha (short marriage line) kalahpurna vivah darshati hai.

8. Vivah rekha upar hridya rekha ki taraf mud (curve) kar jaay to vykti ka vivah bahut muskli se hota hai ya phir hota hi nahi hai. Keywords: palm reading near me

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Palmistry | Heart Line Ends On Head Line

If your heart line mix or connect with head line then it indicates that your brain controls your heart. In my practical experience subject is suffering from insomnia, ADHD, and depression due to family problems and dispute.

Read- Triangle On Head Line Under Little Finger

This sign also indicates suicidal tendencies or suicidal attempt. Reason, subject is not able to get rid of family problems throughout life.

Palmistry | Diseases From Mount Of Sun And Sun Line

Mount Of Sun And Sun Line Related Diseases In Palmistry

In Palmistry the role of Sun Line is very important and Sun Line is very important line to get success in life.

If subject is having food, wealth, money and every thing in his/her life but there is no fame or name in society which means he lives an ordinary life then we can say that life without name and fame is meaningless.

Sun line gives fame and money both but Sun Line also indicates diseases.

Read - How To Read Or Know About Your Sun Line is (Bad Or Good) In Palmistry

Diseases Related To Sun Line On Hand In Palmistry

1). If there is a mole or spot on Sun Line near Heart Line then it indicates eye operation or disease related to eye. (number -1)

2). If there is small curved line at the base of Ring Finger or small curved line on Mount of Sun then it indicates sciatica pain, back pain or back related problems due to sensuality, addiction of masturbation, and other bad habits. (number-2)

3). If there is a mole, spot, scar, or freckle underneath middle of Mount of Sun then it indicates ear and leg related problem or leg injury. (number -3)

4). If net sign is present underneath Mount of Sun then it indicates abortion, miscarriage or sometimes abortion due to own choice or illegal abortion, and subject is suffering from indigestion and cold and cough problem throughout life. (number-4)

5). Island on Sun Line indicates eye trouble (watery eyes), financial loss, loss of reputation.


6). Sun line stopped at Heart Line or Sun line stopped by Heart Line indicates heart related problems or chest injury or heart attack due to bad news. (number-6)

Palmistry | Downward Branches From Head Line

Downward Lines On Head Line (Descending Lines On Head Line)

It is an ominous sign if the lines proceeds downwards, because the native cannot face problems of life boldly due to lack of enthusiasm rather he will continue to curse himself and his fortune, as whichever job he takes up, ends up in dismal failure. Ancient palmist term these lines as `lines of misery and disappointment' but I feel such lines should be better termed as `lines of despair and failures'. If ever you notice such lines in a native's hand (s), advise him not to lose heart but be patient.

Most Rare Sign On Hand - Double Head Lines | Palmistry

Rare Sign of Double Head Line On Hand

The double lines of Mentality or double head lines as it is called by some hand analyst. This is really a most rare sign and so far I have seen only about twenty-five times. In such a case , the second line of head will rune parallel to the original head line. If both lines are deeply marked, well formed, and clearly traced, it is a sign of great intelligence. This is all the more certain if the mounts of Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are well-formed on the hand. The subject, however, will have a double Mentality. He will be soft and tender at one moment, and hard and ruthless the other. Undoubtedly, these people have what psychologists call a most complex personality. They are puzzle to most of their friends.

The Line of Mentality is called the Line of Mother in Indian Hand Analysis. Definitely, Double Lines of Men tality shows some undue connection with the subject mother. If the double lines are well-formed, the subject will be deeply attached to the mother, and/or vice-vers This will be confirmed if the Mount of Moon is also elevated, preferably, on both hands, and has auspicious marks on it, such as triangles Or Vertical lines. In Indian Astrology, the Moon represents the mother. So it is easy to understand why the Mount of Moon must also be studled for indications of the subject's happiness from his nother. The Mount of Saturn also has a connection with the mother, and if this too is favourable, the case is triply confirmed. In my research I have found that the mother of the subject outlives the father if the subject has favourable Double Lines of Mentality. Strong and favour able Double Lines of Mentality together with other favourable indications reveal an accession to great wealth or power. But in such cases, these will be attained by virtue of the excellence of the subject's mind.

With favorable Double Lines of Mentality, the subject is often lacking in self-confidence in the earlier years of his life, but will develop self-confidence as the years go by.

However, Double Lines of Mentality are not favorable if they are badly formed, weak looking, and broke up at various place. In such a case, the subject will be very confused mentally, and have a split personality. I once saw three lines of Mentality on the hands of traveler who consulted me in Penang. All three lines were badly formed and the subject was certainly a badly mixed-up.

Look at Figure 10-19 showing Double Line Mentality. Notice the short line in the Print, beneath the Mount of Saturn. You will notice parallel line above it, heading for the Mount of Upper Mars, with a break beneath the Mount of Sun. The Subject was the best student in an Arts subject at a Certain prestigious university, and is now holding an extremely high position. From his schooldays he had a reputation for academic brilliance. He is most attached to his mother, who is still living, while his father passed away many years ago. He does not suffer fools gladly and has an irritable temperament. Notice the double lines of mentality rising from lower mars to prove this point. He is also very stubborn and strong-willed, as shown by the formidable nature of the Double Lines of Mentality. This line is long, and has ended on the Mount of Upper Mars beneath the little finger. The thumb is Strong, showing a Strong will. However, from the Vitality Line there is a curved line heading for the Mount of Upper Mars, but not quite reaching it. This is the via Lascivia. The subject has a fondness for liquor. Notice the Sign of a fish found attached to the vitality line. The tail of the fish is formed by the Via Lascivia and the Fate line, while the head of the fish is pointing downwards towards the wrist. The double head lines are free of islands. It is a fact that this subject has excellent powers of concentration.

Fate-line Emerges From Mid-Portion Of The Palm And Proceeds To Mount Of Saturn

At times line of Saturn does not start form lower portion of palm but from the middle portion of palm (see fig 358). In this case native's childhood and first part of age is insignificant and negligible but when he enters his young age he will make strides towards progress and accomplish his desires and aims. They are not lucky and rich at the time of birth or infancy. Golden period of his life starts at the time when his fate-line starts or emerges (see fig. 358).

Absence of Saturn-line signifies that he has to really work hard but its presence indicates that he will earn tremendous profits with minimal efforts and achievements will welcome him and his efforts with open arms. Delay or instant rise in luck will be dependent upon the height from which Saturn-line starts. If Saturn-line is defective, its impact will be reflected in middle or terminal portions of his palm.

Faint or weak lifeline and fate-line beginning from mid-part of palm (progress in trade and business)

Suppose Saturn line is invisible initially then fate-line will also be thin and delicate at that stage (see fig. 359). You will yourself conclude that the native had not worked hard due to his weak health. But favourable and gainful period will start as soon as effect of Saturn-line starts to show its benefic results, as faintness of his lifeline will dilute and he will be on way to achieve profits and better yield/production. If lifeline is thin/faint and the site from where the lifeline becomes more distinct, clear and succinct at the starting point, and position of Saturn-line is also identical, then it is the starting point when native's trade/business will start to prosper and his capacity to work will also improve and enhance. But from which stage of life such favourable position will commence, should be determined by counting the years from lower portion of Saturn-line and from the upper portion in the case of lifeline.

Saturn-line starts from mid area of palm and brain-line is defective (Rise in fortune due to right thinking)

If line of Saturn starts from mid part of palm and brain-line is defective at the initial juncture (see fig 360), it denotes that native's work, which had been obstructed due to his mental weakness, will commence at the age when his brain-line assumes its correct position, and it would also be the time which will account for his rise in his fortune.

Fate-line begins from mid-part of palm, but brain, life and heart-line are defective (Rise in fortune consequent upon ups-and-down in status of health)

When brain-line is initially debilitated and starts to torment the native, and lifeline is also thin during that stage of life (see fig. 361) then native's personality, and period of excellence are first adversely impacted by ill developed brain and then weakness of heart will add to his miserable conditions. His exalted period of fortune will start from the time of development in brain and heart-lines. If Saturn-line is elevating in right direction and life, heart and brain-lines are also flawless, then reasons for absence of invisible Saturn-line and other sites and mounts should be looked for. If Saturn-line starts from downwards in the left hand but in the right hand, it starts from mid-palm, then there is natural progress of this line.

But if Saturn-line rises from the mid-palm area in the right hand, it indicates some basic difference in the formation of this line. Its cause could be a native's inactivity, indolence and fluctuating health condition, or else family circumstances and indifferent attitude of friends and colleagues could also be the contributory causes of such impediments. Whatever be the cansative factor we can find out the facts by studying other sites on the palm. Absence of Saturn line can also point to some mishaps to one's parents in the early childhood, because childhood period is fully dependent on one's parents. Adverse and unfavourable episodes, spent in the company of parents, can also create hurdles in a native's rise in fortune.

Fate-line emerging from mid-palm area, reaches the end of line of influence where a sign of star exists (Delayed fortune rise)

Saturn-line is seen clearly surfacing from the middle of palm, and there is no other ominous line also but due to paternal effect, sign of a star is seen at the fag end of the line (see fig. 362) it indicates death of native's parents at his infancy stage. It also indicates native's fortune can not brighten at the appropriate time, because fate line emerges from mid-palm area. Remember, all the signs visible in the Saturn-line clearly depict financial aspects of the native.

If Saturn line is neither lengthy nor deep, as it should be, that it is not so deep as outer lines are, then Saturn-Line is weak or not so strong as it should have been.

Fate-lines rises after the brain-line (Delayed rise in fortune)

If and when the fate-line rise after the brain-line, the native's fortune brightens after the age of 36 and then he plans for new jobs and progresses well towards his aim.

If principle fate-line is not present, then the native's fortune suddenly brightens after the 45th year, in accordance with the smaller fate-line. Such a native's early life might have been struggle-prone but after 45 years he continues to achieve progress at a stretch.

In addition, his prestige also rises in the family, clan and society. The native is a person of broad-minded nature and everyone is impressed by his amiable demeanor.

Source: Wonders Of Palmistry

Before we enter in the field of Palmistry, it is imperative to know about form, formation, types and kinds of hands. This way, if we learn the preliminary traits and related factors, we can easily discerni a person's personal traits that spell his character and inclinations. Even though hands could be classified into number of categories and types, but for practical purposes, we can earmark eight types of hands quite easily and such a delineation would suffice to meet our requirements. Main classifications are as follows:

1. Elementary Hand :

It is undeveloped, not well built and inferior type of hand which is called an `Elementary Hand'.

2. Square Hand :

It is a quadrangular, equiangled hand which is indicative of trade and business hence it is a practical hand.

3. Spatulate hand :

This is called a labourious and active person's hand, and nervous system of such a native is active. It is also called a `labour hand' in English.

4. Pointed Hand :

It is a pointed hand that refers to a native's artistic tendency, hence it is called an `Artistic hand'.

5. Philosophic Hand :

This is a thicker hand, having muscular fingers, thicker skin.

6. Psychic Hand :

It is also called an intellectual, Idealistic or a Psychic Hand.

7. Conic Hand :

It is an angular hand.

8. Mixed Hand :

This hand has inherent traits of other types of hands.

These classifications are based on hand's formation and look (appearance) but this classification has been made for the sake of convenience and categorization though there could be other types of hands, even if those are referred to for cosmetic satisfaction only.

Remember that analogy about the road map of your des-tiny? A palm reading is like a snapshot of that road map, but the palms of your hands are more like a global po-sitioning system (GPS) that changes depending on each turn in the road. Keeping an eye on where you're going can be easy and fun. Each time you make choices in life, your palmistry readings can anticipate and reflect the changes that will come up as a result. Just as the tiniest portion of a fern leaf is a small, fractal representation of the whole plant, nature and the gods made your hands to tell the story of your existence in the universe.

Long life line, unbroken life line, no bad sign on life line, and sister line behind life line denotes healthy and long life with lots of vitality.

Hindu Palmistry Lines Name

Machhli Rekha or the sign of fish is a fortunate sign, indicative of prosperity. The native occupies position of authority, achieves scholarly status and commands respect and honor.

Shankha Rekha denotes a pious life, scholarship, greatness and a spirit of renunciation in spite of one being worldly.

Pataaka Rekha indicates greatness and renunciation, piousness and strength of character.

Shivalaya is a sign of temple in the hand is indicative of a rich and great personage having exalted position in life.

Vriksha Rekha is very auspicious when found in the end of the fate, Apollo and ambition lines.

Urdho Rekha indicates ambitions, property, honor and professional success.

Sarpa Rekha indicates fickleness regarding the peculiar characteristics of that line.

Hindu Palmistry Signs

Til (Mole) – On Lines gives bad results. On mounts decreases the particular mount efficiency. On fingers decreases the particular finger efficiency.

Fish Tail/Fish Sign (Macch Rekha/Macchli) – Wealth and fame, travel to overseas (abroad).

Trishul (Trident) – Always gives good results. On Sun Line increases wealth and fame. On Fate Line gives good fortune.

Mandir (Temple) – Always gives good results. Donate Money.

Magarmacch (Crocodile) – Same as Fish Sign.

Shankh (conch) – Same as Fish sign.

Chatra, Dhand, Dhawja, Chawar – Always gives good results. Gives good position in government service.

Pataka (Flag)– Always gives good results. Increases spirituality.

Yavmala – Always gives good result. Increases wealth.

Darpan (mirror) – Always gives good results. Spiritual leader.

Ped (Tree) – Always gives good results. Increases wealth.

Prediction Based On Ring Finger Length Palmistry

Finger lengths vary depending on the person. However, there are three main types that most of us identify with. Take a look at your ring finger and how it compares with your index finger–is it the same length or is one slightly longer than the other? Now look at the image above to see which hand looks most like your own, A, B or C.

Figured it out? Good. Here’s a breakdown of what it all means.

A) Charming and Logical

If your ring finger is longer than your index finer, you are a charmer. You are also a problem solver who can talk your way out of any situation. You can get aggressive, but are also super compassionate.

B) Confident and Efficient

If your ring finger is shorter than your index finger, you are confident and know how to get things done. You love to work alone because that is how you most efficiently accomplish your goals. However, you are by no means an introvert. You appreciate what you have but are always striving for more.

C) Peaceful and Easy-going

If your ring finger is the same size as your index finger, you are a peacekeeper who tends to avoid conflict. You want to get along with everyone and are a loyal, caring partner. However, there is a fiery side to you that comes out if someone gets on your bad side!

Little Finger With Square Tip Palmistry

Description: Look at your hand, palm facing down. Look at the top part of your pinky finger. If the tip seems to form a flat, horizontal line, your pinky has a square tip.

Meaning: A square-tipped pinky indicates that you have a handful of admirable qualities. You may also tend to be extremely blunt and plainspoken - which can be both a strength and a weakness. This type indicates an inability to connect with sensitive and easily offended people. Nevertheless, their honesty and forthrightness will win them a lot of trust. Good, reluctant leaders often have a square-tipped pinky.

Little Finger Length Equal To Ring Finger Length Palmistry

Description: Usually, most people have their pinky finger smaller than their ring finger. It is rarely the same length, or as described above, longer.

Meaning: Most people with a pinky finger the same length as their ring finger tend to be driven and power-hungry individuals. You are likely to see this type on CEOs, presidents or celebrities - they tend to be found on the type of people who have the sheer force of will to massively change the world, but they also have the potential to wreak havoc.

The Thumb and the Fingers - Palm Reading

The thumb is the king of the palm. It acts in conjunction with the fingers because you cannot hold anything with the fingers alone. The finger next to the thumb is called the first finger or the index finger. The finger next to the index finger is called the second or the middle finger, which is the longest among the fingers. And the one next to it is the third or the ring finger. The last finger is called the fourth or the little finger because of its size.

Every finger has three parts or phalanges. The part which has the nails is called the first phalange, the middle one is the second and the one adjoining the palm is the third phalange. The thumb has two phalanges — the first of them has the nails over it and the second one adjoins the palm. Very few hands have phalanges of equal width. There are differences in the length and breadth of the phalanges. It is this difference which indicates the hidden feelings of the owner of the hand as also his disposition. But, we will come to this aspect when we discuss the fingers in detail. Each finger has two knots — the first one is situated between the first and the second phalange and the second one is between the second and the third phalange. The thumb has two phalanges, with only one knot over it, when seen from the back side.

Lines Which Makes Wealthy In Palm

Wealth Simple, How To Gain Wealth


Good Sun Line. Mahalaxmi yog (sun line starts from fate line) denotes fulfill of all wishes, famous and rich, respected person in society.


Excellent Sun Line without any cuts, break, cross or island on it denotes rich and wealthy.


As per Indian Palmistry M sign is auspicious sign denotes money and fame.

palm reading rich or poor will i be rich palmistry wealth indicators in palmistry

Existence of quadrangle on Marriage-line (Chances and hope of resolving differences with the spouse) - Palmistry

When sign of a quadrangle is noticed on the marriage-life of a native, it denotes that the native will be able to patch up and narrow down differences with the spouse and retrieve the situation to previous state. His relations will also improve with the spouse.

Combined Head And Heart Line - Palmistry

In some hands, the head and heart lines are combined as image. Such people will have great tenacity of pin pose and will achieve their ends, whatever the cost. They can be unscrupulous and ruthless in their dealings and must be approached with care.

Normal Length Of Little Finger Palmistry

Description: If the top of your pinky finger is about the same height as the top knuckle of your ring finger, then you're likely to have an even personality type.

Meaning: It should come as no surprise that having an even pinky finger means that you have a balanced, mellow personality. It takes a great deal to irritate you and, more often than not, you do not stress out much. However, it is this attitude that may make you seem dispassionate and cold. It also indicates that people need to get to know you well before you reveal your warmth and fascinating personality.

Long Lenght Of Little Finger Palmistry

Description: Your little finger extends past the top knuckle of your ring finger.

Meaning: A long pinky finger means that you are charming and very sociable. While your personality type is often sought after, you generally have to work harder than other personality types to prove that you are trustworthy and that you can be taken seriously.

Will You Have a Love or Arranged Marriage? Check Your Palm And Find Your Answers Here!

Aren't we all curious to know if we would have a love or an arranged marriage? We often see people anxious to know (or guess) the future of their love life. Those who are in a relationship are curious to know if their love affair would translate into marriage; those who are already married want to be sure if marital bliss would continue; and single people are eager to know if they would ever fall in love!

A glimpse at your palm can answer these questions, or at the very least, give you an idea of what may be likely to happen. Palmistry is a science of studying the lines on your palm to foretell future, and is practiced throughout the world.

Marriage line is a horizontal line located at the side of your hand, just below the base of the little finger and above the heart line. Its length, shape, forks, chains and other features reveals different meanings for your marriage life.

So what do your lines tell about your personal life? Check out Married Life Predictions

Long Lenght Of Little Finger Palmistry

Description: Your little finger extends past the top knuckle of your ring finger.

Meaning: A long pinky finger means that you are charming and very sociable. While your personality type is often sought after, you generally have to work harder than other personality types to prove that you are trustworthy and that you can be taken seriously.

Low Set Mount of Mercury Or Little Finger Palmistry

Description: Turn your palm up to face you and look at your fingers. For most people, the base of the fingers seem to form a gentle semicircle. In this case, if your pinky is set well below the other fingers, then you have a low-set pinky.

Meaning: In palm reading, the little finger is often associated with dreams and ambitions for the future. A low setting little finger can indicate that you live in a dream world and that you have many plans and aspirations, but sometimes, you have trouble translating those ideas in the real world.

EVERY human hand contains good or bad signs, which are important to the general behaviour of the lines on the palm and mounts.

Long And Broad Fate Line In Palmistry

Meaning Of Long Fate Line

It is a grievous error on the part of amateurs to think that a Long Fate Line promises a bright career and untold wealth for the lucky subject. A lot of subjects have been disillusioned by such well-meaning but ignorant amateurs. You will find, much to your surprise, that even beggars and bankrupts have long Fate Lines.

Long Fate Line

I have examined the palms of several beggars one of the main roads of India, and I have also examined the palms of beggars sitting in Market and found many among them with long Fate Lines. So, although the Fate Line can be long, in such cases there have to be reasons why such subjects are beggars. Invariably it will be noticed on the palms of these subjects that the mounts, especially the upper mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury, will be flat or depressed; the palm will be dry, and unattractive to look at, the fingers will be poorly shaped, awkward looking, and not evenly set on the palm either.

Meaning Of Broad Fate Line

A broad Fate Line is unfavorable as the Current travels through a shallow channel. Hence the energy flowing through the Fate Line will be diffused and not concentrated. I have observed in the hands of beggars that even though the Fate Line may be long, it is invariably thick and broad.

Board Fate Line

So far, I have not even once come across a beggar with developed mounts, especially the upper ones, in the palms. Should a beggar have well-developed mounts, a long Fate Line, fingers evenly set on the palm and well-shaped as well, you can rest assured that this so-called "beggar' has a healthy bank balance, with money stashed away, perhaps in India.


A star is formed by three or more lines cutting each other at a point and forming at least fine, clear radii. It is re-presentative of the fusion of life current at a point. If it is separate and independent, it is powerful. Its position in the hand will indicate whether it is good or bad.

A star on the top of the Mount of Jupiter along with a good Head Line shows the acquisition of great honour and position. If the star is found without a good Line of Head, it predicts a head injury or an operation for tonsillitis or separation from wife in old age. When the star is at the base of the mount, the person has contacts with rich and eminent people. If there is a star in the left hand on the Mount of Jupiter, the native is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and will achieve a good position in life. If the Life Line is joined to the star on this mount, the native will achieve success by his intellectual ability.

A star on the top of the Mount of Saturn shows a fatalistic life. There is a risk of paralysis or injury from fire or electric shock. This sign is found on the hands of martyrs.

If the star is not on the mount but on its side or near the finger, one is connected with the above class of persons.

A star on the mount of Sun brings fame, success, wealth and prestige but without mental peace generally in old age. If it is on the side of the mount, the native comes in contact with rich and renowned persons.

If a star is formed or connected with the Sun Line, fame through work of art is indicated. The best place for it is in the centre of the Line of Apollo.

A star on the Mount of Mercury on a good hand shows proficiency in science, business, medicine, law or oratory, according to the type of the hand. It also shows some risk of poisoning.

When there is a star on the Upper Mars (negative), under the Mount of Mercury, a person gains through patience and fortitude in life.

On the Lower Mars (positive), military honours are foretold, but with the possibility of some injury in combat. In case any of the above mounts are defective, the hand is otherwise bad and the thumb clubbed, the person can go into a violent raga and can even kill the offender.

A star on the Mount of Luna shows reputation gained from the use of imaginative faculties. Some experts say it shows death by drowning, when the Line of Head is weak and sloping.

If a star is found on the Life Line and on the Mount of Moon, the risk of suicide is indicated.

A star at the commencement of the Life Line shows death of parents in childhood.

A star at the end of the Line of Head shows loss of memory in old age or paralysis.

On the Line of Life, a star predicts a serious accident, but if the Life Line is intact, without any bad sign on it in the left hand, and the Line of Mars is present, the person will escape serious consequences.

A star on the Mount of Venus results in gain from a love affair. If the mount is raised and rayed, the person has a loose character.

A star on this mount on both hands causes loss of vitality and virility in one's youth.

 A star on the Fate Line denotes that the person may suffer from financial loss.

A star on the Line of Mars shows accidental death and unhappy married life.

Indications of a star on the thumb and finger are:


First phalange-Rich but of a loose character

Second phalange-Has temptation to do wrong

Jupiter (Index Finger/Pointer Finger)

First phalange--Rise in career

Second phalange-Chastity, nobility

Third phalange-Shameless, immoral

Saturn (Middle Finger)

First phalange-Martyrdom, assassination (if on the fingers of both hands)

Second phalange-Assassination (if on the fingers of both hands)

One star on the first and second phalanges indicates death by hanging or on the scaffold

Third phalange-Criminal tendencies in men and sterility in women

Sun (Apollo Finger/Ring Finger)

Finger First phalange-Success in fine arts

Second phalange-Success, talent

Third phalange-Desire for self-praise, lack of corr-structive attitude

Mercury (Little Finger/Pinky Finger)

First phalange-Oratory, politics

Second phalange-Bad mental attitude, ill-fame

Third phalange-Wisdom, wit, oratory.

How Palms Change Indian Palmistry

But wait a minute—wouldn't self-palmistry get boring? I mean, after all, you've still got the same hands with which you were born. Not so. In fact, your hands look a lot different from the pudgy baby hands of your past, and those changes have meaning in your life. Many of the changes in your hands happen slowly over time, so you might be the last person to notice if you haven't been looking for them.

A professional palm reader can easily pick up differences in the same way that a friend you haven't seen for a while might see right away that your hair has gotten longer or you've lost some weight, even when you haven't noticed it in the mirror. This book aims to train you in the art of detecting the subtle changes that palmistry can reveal, so that you can make changes in your life accordingly.


There are six main lines on the hand

I. The Line of Heart: It deals with emotions, sentiments and feelings.

2. The Line of Head: It deals with logic, reason, and practical thinking.

3. The Line of Life: It deals with health and longevity.

4. The Line of Fate: It deals with career and prosperity.

5. The Line of Sun: It deals with success, art, and literary career.

6 The Line of Mercury: It deals with business, intelligence and health.

There are seven minor lines on the hand

I. The Line of Mars: This line is inside the Line of Life and shows good health.

2 Via Lasciva: It deals with the lower instincts. []

3 The Girdle of Venus: It deals with emotions and sexual feelings.

4 The Line of Travel: It indicates journey or travel.

5 The Line of Intuition: It shows gift of inner-voice.

6 The Line of Marriage: It deals with married life.

7 The Lines of Children: They tell about children.

Heart-line intersected by marriage-line (Death of the life partner) - Palmistry

If marriage line declines or bends to such an extent that it touches or even proceeds ahead after intersecting the heart-line, it is an indication of widowhood. Such a life partner passes away in the presence of his/ her spouse. You need to check other signs on hand also before reach to a conclusion.

Sign of a cross on the marriage life (obstacles in marriage/love affairs) - Palmistry

If sign of a cross is noticed on the line of affection, the native will encounter, face a number of hurdles in the way of his marriage or/and love affair (see fig. 327). It is my expert opinion that wife of such a native is a scholarly lady but, despite this, the conclusive period of her marriage is ridden with painful and problematic episodes.

If marriage-line inclines towards heart-line seems to be bending downwards also, the native does not have any love, attachment or infatuation towards its spouse. He will also not take any interest in sexual activity or he will be having only negligibly interest in sex, as a result of which he will get despondent or turn to reclusion. It is my experience that such a native abjures his life partner midway, or their marital relationship gets snapped.

When smaller lines emerge from the mar-riage line and incline upwards (see fig. 334) then native's marital life would prove fruitful, successful and lucky.

If marriage line is so lengthy that it stretches upto the mount of Sun (see fig 329) and a sign of star also surfaces at the terminal point of the line, then the native will love such a person who is highly lucky, rich and popular.

If affection line terminates at the sign of a star (see fig 328), then love affairs will be subjected to explosive situations and conclusions.

If signs of island appear in succession on a native's palm, he/she will never a agree to make love with member of opposite sex due to indifferent and apathetic attitude towards love affairs.

Urinary Disorder (Mootra Peeda) In Palmistry

Urinary Disorder

1. Net on Mount of Moon.

2. Branch at the end of Life Line goes towards Mount of Moon indicates urinary disorder.

3. Puffy Mount of Lower Moon. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

मूत्र पीड़ा

1. चन्द्र पर्वत पर जाली हो ।

2. आयु रेखा के अंत में से कोई रेखा निकल कर के चन्द्र पर्वत की और चली जाय तो पेशाब की तकलीफ होती है । (

3. चन्द्र पर्वत का निकला भाग काफी उठा हुआ हो । (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Mootra Pida

1. Chandra Parvat par jaalli ho.

2. Aayu rekha se nikal kar koi rekha chandra parvat pr chali jaay to vykti ko paishab ka rog hota hai. (

3. Chandra parvat ka nichla bhag ubhra hua ho.

Hairs On Second Phalange of Ring Finger/Apollo Finger Palmistry

Hairs on second phalanx of Ring Finger back side considered auspicious sign indicates richness and wealthy.

Chained Bracelet Or Chained Rascette Indian Palmistry

Regular Health Problems:

Chained bracelet indicates struggle in life and poor health. Overall throughout weak health.


If there is an island at the end of Marriage Line then it indicates any type of secret behind marriage.


Sign Of Never Getting Marriage Palmistry

As per Indian Palmistry if Marriage Line goes upwards to Little Finger then there are chances that the person may never get married but you should see carefully the Marriage Line, whether there is any other strong Marriage Line or other sign is present.

As per Western Palmists this signifies happy Married Life, good health and long life to the spouse.

Poverty Sign In Palmistry

E-book: Line Of Love In Palmistry


1. Love Line on Hand

2. No Love Line on Hand

3. Many Love Lines on Hand

4. Love Line on Saints’ Hand

5. Signs of Death of Spouse

6. Signs of Never Getting Married

7. Signs of Divorce and Separation

8. Signs of Love Marriage and Break-Up

9. Significance of Signs on Love Line

10. Signs of Widowhood on Hand

11. Sign of Sexual Harassment and Rape

12. Sign of Late Marriage

13. Sign of Unsuccessful love

14. Sign of Marriage in Blood Relation

15. Signs of Good Marriage

16. Defamation from Marriage or Relationship

17. Signs of Extramarital Affair

18. Murder of Spouse

19. Sign of Legal Divorce

20. Signs of Abortion on Hand

21. Career and Marriage

22. Signs of Disease on Love Line

23. Secret behind Marriage

24. Sign of Adoration on Hand

25. Breaking of Engagement

26. Compatibility and Match-Matching

27. How to Calculate Marriage Age

28. Mounts on Hand

29. Lines on Hand

30. Time Calculation of Life Line

31. Time Calculation of Fate Line

32. Enchantment Mantra (Vashikaran Mantra)

E-book: Line Of Love In Palmistry

Sign Of Heart Disease In Palmistry

Short Fingers Indian Palmistry

Health Line In Parts or Gaps In Health Line Palmistry

If your fingers are shorter than palm then you are impatient, money-minded And always thinking about how to make money, outspoken and take quick decisions.

Breaks in Health Line (Buisness Line-Mercury Line-Liver Line-Swasthaya Rekha)

Gaps in Health Line (Buisness Line-Mercury Line-Liver Line-Swasthaya Rekha )

Health Line (Buisness Line-Mercury Line-Liver Line-Swasthaya Rekha in Parts)

Result: Instability in health (ill-health, poor health) and business (ups and downs).

Sign Of Murder Tendency (Hatyara) In Palmistry

Branch From Head Line Cuts Fate Line Palmistry

If any line or branch from head line cuts the fate line denote financial loss due to lawsuit and unsuccessful career.


1. If Marriage Line meets Heart Line then there are always chances of loss of partner. If strong Marriage Line is too close or meets the Heart Line then the person gets married in childhood (around age 3 to 10 in Indian perspective Baal-Vivah).

2. If there is a black dot on Love Line then it indicates Ill-health or Death after Illness of the spouse.

3. If branch of heart line joins Fate Line and there is break in Fate Line after joining point then it indicates death of dear one or Divorce.

Sign Of Prostrate And Urinary Disorder/Disease In Palmistry

If there is a triangle underneath on Mount of Jupiter on Heart line towards Head line (see-3) then it indicates prostrate and urinary related issues. If Life line ends on Mount of Moon (see-2) then it indicates urinary disorder and prostrate related issues or in women's hand gynec related issues. If branch of life line (see-1) goes towards Mount of Moon then it indicates urinary and gynec related issues.

Life Line Cum Fate Line OR Fate Line Cum Life Line Palmistry

Main Life Line is short but there is a second Life Line parallel to Main Life Line which is actually Fate Line from bracelet which plays the role of Life Line after end of main Life Line and also plays the role of Fate Line.

Seven Year Method To Tell Time And Dates Of Events In The Life by Cheiro

Sign Of Wealth In Palmistry

If branch of sun line join health line or branch of health line join sun line then denotes good success in business or sudden gain in business.


Marriage Line Starting With Fork - Palmistry

If there is a fork outside of the palm on marriage line then it indicates delay in marriage.

Trident or Trishul on Sun Line Palmistry

A fortunate sign. It indicates name and fame in public.

Best Palmistry Website

What is Palmistry And How to read Palms?
The definition of palmistry is practice of telling fortunes from the lines, marks, and patterns on the palms.

There are many methods by which future can be predicted and some of such disciplines (methods) are: Astrology, Numerology, Nadi Granth, Hastrekha, Samudrik Anglakhshan, Phrenology, Psychology, Haziraat, Playing Cards, Planchet, Signature Reading, Graphology, Jinn Conjuring, Crystal Ball, Dreams, Omens, Parrot Cards, Telepathy, Aura Science, Hypnotism, Hajraat, Ramal, etc. All of the said sciences, palmistry is the simplest and accurate method of fortune telling.

Horoscope VS Palmistry

Apart from predicting a person's future by his Janma Kundali (Horoscope), palmistry is another way for those, who don't have any idea of their birth date and time. For preparing a person's Janma Kundali we require birth date and time. It is difficult to prepare a Janma Kundali with out knowing the birth date and time. In this situation we can go for palmistry.

Hindu Signs and Symbols In Indian Palmistry
There are so many signs and lines in Vedic Palmistry. For example:-Machhli Rekha, Macch Rekha, Shankha Rekha, Pataaka Rekha, Shivling, Shivalaya, Sarpa Rekha, Swastika, Mandir, Talwar, Tribujh, Kamal, Padam, Vriksha Rekha, Diksha Rekha, Urdho Rekha, Kapi Rekha, Dhan Rekha, Pitra Rekha, Rath, Parvat, Jhanda, Haathi, Ghoda, Kamal, Taraju, Vriksha, Gaj, Sher, Sinha, Dhanush, Talwar Rekha, Gadha, Gadda, Hal, Chatri, Chata, Chattar, Macchili, Magarmucch, Shankh, Dhund, Dhawaja, Pataka, Bail, Suyra, Umbrella, Chandra, Mayur, Kachua, Bhala, Mukut, Sarp, Teer, Jahaaj, Ped, Devyan, Darpan, chhatra, aur Shinhasan.

Three Parallel Marriage Lines Palmistry

Triple marriage line or more than one marriage line (both hands): Late marriage due to not able to choose right partner or extramarital affair

Parallel Marriage Lines Palmistry

Parallel Marriage Line in both hands: Chances of divorce and separation.

Practical Palmistry Case: Fate Line Starts From Age 28

In the above palm image Fate line starts from age 27/28 indicates career starts from age 27/28.

स्वास्तिक चिन्ह

यदि व्यक्ति के हाथ स्वास्तिक का चिन्ह है तो वह निर्धन परिवार में जन्म लेने के पश्चात भी बहुत प्रगति करता है !

स्वास्तिक चिन्ह होने पर व्यक्ति को भूमि से लाभ होता है !

- नितिन कुमार

Copyright © 2011. All right reserved.


Saturn Ring indicates loneliness from inside, interest in spirituality, interest in occult science, interest in lottery and gambling, pessimistic, etc.

Vertical Line From Mount Of Venus Palmistry

Star at the end of vertical line which starts from Mount of Venus and ends on Mount of Jupiter indicates great success.

Death Of Lover In Palmistry

If there is an island at the end of Influence line from Mount of Moon indicates Lover's death.

Sign of Pilgrimage (तीर्थ यात्रा) Palmistry

Travel line joining the life line indicate Pilgrimage (तीर्थ यात्रा)

Thick, Long And Strong Life Line In Palmistry

If your life line is thick, long and strong then it indicates full of vitality and you rarely get ill and energetic.

Ladder Type Life Line Palm Reading (Sididaar Jeevan Rekha)

Ladder Type Life Line

Result: Weak Constitution, weak/poor health, always sick, pessimistic and isolated person.

Different Marriage Lines or Bad Marriage Lines Palmistry

These types of marriage lines (as shown in the above image) denotes bad marriage, remarriage, divorce, and widowhood.

Fire Hand and Love In Palmistry

Look for short fingers on a rectangular palm that boasts clear-cut, definite lines. Fire hands arc found on people with a high bum rate; meaning that these teens have lots of energy and are always on the go. Fire hand people possess lots of charm and charisma. They love a good challenge. Always ready for action, fire hands fall head over heels in love. Many are creative. Some enjoy competitive sports. These folks are fun to be with! There is never a dull moment. They love to travel to exciting places, are considered thrill seekers, and are always first in line to ride a roller coaster. In relationships, they want to share lots of affection, romance, and fun with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Fire hands relate to the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Fragmented Marriage-Line (Obstacles In Family Comforts) - Palmistry

If affection-line is broken (as is shown in fig 335), then it is certain that native's family life's comforts would suffer a severe jolt or relations will break up.

Cross, Triangle, Trident And Fork On Sun Line

1). Cross is always bad on Sun Line - There are always chances of financial loss or cheating.

2). Triangle is always good on Sun Line - There are always chances of financial gain but mostly in old age.

3). Trident is always good on Sun Line - Trident on Sun Line is a sign of good luck.

4). Fork on Sun Line - Fork on Sun Line indicates subject is not able to get success due to bad concentration and ill-luck.

Sun Line Starting And Ending Point On Hand - Palmistry

Sun line is located at the bottom of ring finger. Sun line always ending at the base of Mount of Sun or below ring finger. Some of the people have more than one sun line. Such natives have soft nature and help others. They get unexpected progress in their life, Sun line starts in many ways like at life line, destiny line, head line or heart line, Mount Mars or Mount Moon areas etc. The different position of starting sun line signify different results in prediction:-

i. Sun line starting at life line:

It is a very good sign. Only few people have their sun line starting at life line. A native with such sunline and a heavy hand, achieves great success in life. Such type of native can perform many jobs at one time. They are multi-functional people they participate in politics and generally get name, fame it work area. If fingers are tall and thumb is inclined backside, then the native share others in their good or bad times, help others and in the process they can leave their work behind. Generally, these kinds of people are either judge or engineer.

II. Sun Line starting at Destiny line:

If sun line starts at destiny line, the native is endowed with many traits.

But along with this, other symptoms should also be auspicious. Like heavy hands, straight fingers, or prominent mounts of planets. They have different kind of Work style. They get unexpected wealth if such native work in education field-they get name and fame. They are very intelligent person. If such native's brain line is in two parts then it is very auspicious. They give impartial decision and make others aware of their good and bad deeds. They get immediate success in life, if the brain line is faulty, their success is not very smooth. The get peace at the last moments of their life.

III. Sun line starting at Head line:

The native of such hand gets a delayed progress. But if there are more than one destiny line or double Sun line and hand is soft, then the native get sure success. They are likely to get family support also. They can accomplish many plans by their intelligence. They get wealth and reputation in their life.

IV. Sun Line starting at heart line:

The native tends to get progress after struggle, if the sun line starts at heart line. A broken fate line or island on it, the entire life is wasted. If these symptoms are not present, then the native gets success towards the end of life. There will be a possibility of getting success after the age of 30 or 35 years if there is more than one sun line along with this symptom. Such natives are clear hearted. They get cheated by their own person, A faulty or broken sun line does not provide any help to the native. If the brain line is faultless, then the native gets help from one or other resources and they manage their financial condition in away with difficulty.

V. Origin of sun line from Mars place:-

This is a rare symptom. The native of such hands do not have sound health in their childhood. They are likely to get late success in life. Sometimes they work is confusing manner which put them into legal hassles. There is always one or other tension in their life throughout. They don't have a very good family life and tend to get angry fast.


What Will be the effects if sun line starts at lifeline?

Describe the result of sun line starting at destiny line?

Describe the result of sun line starting at brain line?

Describe the result of sun line starting at heart line?

Describe the result of sun line starting at Mars place?

What are the things that sun line indicates?

Highlight the traits of an auspicious Sun line?

Describe the Sun line of the people associated with drama, story, acting etc.?

Picture Of Fate Line Close To The Life Line Palm Reading

Fate Line Close To Life Line

If main fate line starts close to the Life line then subject is family oriented and loves to stay at home most of the time. Also lots of family influence on him/her in childhood.

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Small Fork At The Beginning Of Fate Line

Fingertips (Rounded-Squared-Pointed) In Palmistry

Fingertips Of Fingers

The fingertips usually will be either square, rounded or pointed or even a mixture of these.

Square tips signify a practical, realistic, rather down-to-earth person who likes method and order, especially if born in the Star Sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.

Pointed tips are fairly rare because they are the hallmark of a person not interested in the material, practical side of life, preferring to live in a world of fantasy, imagination, idealism and dreams. They usually possess poetic, musical or artistic abilities but, as they lack drive and practical application, they seldom do much about using them

Rounded tips give a nice balance between the square-tipped realist and the pointed-tipped dreamer. These belong to the average person who appreciates the finer things of life but who also recognizes the need to attend to the practical necessities of day-to-day living.

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Island On Heart Line Palmistry

Broken Mars Line Palmistry

Broken Mars Line

Broken Mars Line/Gap between Mars Line/Split in two parts Mars Line indicates family loss, health problem and accident.

If you want to know more about Mars Line in detail then visit below link :

Fingertips And Love In Palmistry


There are four types of fingertips you'll want to memorize. The tips of the fingers will reveal even more interesting info on your potential love interest.

The Cone Fingertip: Visualize a finger that tapers off to a delicate point. This is called the "cone." If you have your eye on someone with a cone fingertip, he or she is very sensitive. Consider this person to be romantic, as cones"live to love." Cones are also intuitive. They react to their environment and can "pickup" easily if you are interested in them. You won't have to drop many hints if you find them attractive; they already feel your vibes!

The Round Fingertip: These friends are just plain fun! They are relaxed, easygoing types who despise mind games and power plays. They go with the flow. Many are excellent communicators and love to talk, swap stories, and share ideas. Just don't tell them your biggest secret, because they like to blab! They wouldn't intentionally expose a confidence, but may kiss and tell. Their heads and hearts are equally balanced, so these teens are ideal if you want a good, stable relationship.

The Square Fingertip: You'll find longevity in love here. Square tippers usually hang on and hang in there. These folks are confident, self-assured, and like themselves . . . sometimes a little too much. Egos can get in their way, but overall, these people are salt of the earth types and once they make a commitment, they will honor it. They'll except the same from you. No flirting with anyone else allowed!

The Spatula Fingertip: These fingertips flare to a very wide tip and belong to free spirits who love adventure. They're hard to tie down, but when they do make a commitment, its serious business. Spatula people are the best bet for long-term romance. Seldom do they stray. If you are open minded and not the jealous or smothering type, the spatula could be a match for you.

Trouble In Love Palmistry

You will find problem in love or relationship if your fate is chained underneath Mount of Saturn while crossing Heart Line.

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Change Of Location (your home) In Palmistry

Hollow On Plain Of Mars Palm Indian Palmistry

A hollow palm in the plain of mars shows misfortunes in many directions.

It is unfortunate sign. A hollow palm means disappointment and defeats, dejection in domestic life change of service sickness of son etc.

Generally it is hard hand and faces ill-luck.

Circle On Mount Of Mercury Indian Palmistry

It indicates danger from water or poisoning from contaminated water or food.

Mars Line Running Parallel To Life Line

If in your hand Line of Mars is parallel to lifeline then it indicates overall good health.

If you want to know more about Mars Line in detail then visit below link :

Lifeline Covering Greater Portion Of Mount Of Venus - Palmistry

Lifeline Covering Greater Portion Of Mount Of Venus:-

Result: Excess vitality, venereal disease, high sex drive, money-minded, lots of travel, always desire for change, spend majority of life away from birthplace, and love to travel.


Only One Hand Or Loss Of Left Hand In Accident Indian Palmistry

Branches Of Heart Line And Heart Line Touch Each Other

Reading Palms Love Line

Palmistry Heart Line Branches

Branches of the Heart line and the Headline are good as they increase the power of the line but they should not touch each other because it brings conflict between emotions and thoughts. In such a case, the person feels that his mind is telling one thing and his heart is telling the opposite. It is a sign of a big heartbreak where one feels himself quite insulted. (In classical Indian Palmistry this is the sign of humiliation from wife and in-laws. I've seen this very accurate too). In such a case this person has a love-hate relationship with someone, whom he doesn't like (because he brings him humiliation and pain) but still he can't leave him. It tells a big conflict between the heart and the mind. Sometimes this love hate relationship can be with siblings too.

There is no clear age system on the Heart line in my views. Many people put the time system on the Heart line too. But in my views it was never very good and left many unanswered questions. For example if a person has an island in the Heart line below the Sun then this is the sign of eyes problem or poor eyesight. But if you want to know the time of this it is impossible to calculate when he'll wear the glasses. So I always teach that the Heart line tells the quality of relationships and emotional character of the person, irrespective of time.



Question: I want to get palm reading done by you so let me know how to contact you?

Answer: Contact me at Email ID:

Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to 4-5 pages.

Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

Question: Can you also suggest remedies?

Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading.

Question: Can you also suggest gemstone?

Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading.

Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera
(Take image from iphone or from any android phone) or you can also use scanner.

Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

Answer: You need to mention the below things with your palm images:-

  • Your Gender: Male/Female

  • Your Age:

  • Your Location:

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Question: How much the detailed palm reading costs?

Answer: Cost of palm reading:

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Question: How you will confirm that I have made payment?

Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:

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Rajyog on Hand (Hindi)

Client's Feedback - August 2018

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.