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Manchahi Post Pane Ke Totke Aur Mantra

Manchahi Naukri Pane Ke Totke Aur Mantra

Manchahi Naukri Ya Post Kaise Prapt Kare-

Manchahi naukari karna har koi insan chahata hai lekin bahut kam logo ko apne man mutabik job mil pati hai.

Aajkal ladke ladkiya pad likh kar bhi bahut chotti naukari karne par majboor hai unko apne level ki job mil hi nahi rahi hai.

Ab swaal ye hai ki manchahi naukari kaise hasil ho?

Iske liye aapko kuch astrological remedies karni hogi jo ki lal kitab aur jyotish mein di gayi hai kyuki bahut baar ye upay, tone totke aur mantra kaam kar jate hai aur insan ko manchahi naukari mil jati hai.

Manchahi Naukari Pane Ke 3 Saral Upay

1). Aap shaniwar ke din bheru ji se prathana (bolwa) apne man mein kar lijiye ki aapki manchahi naukari jaldi lagwa dijiye aur aapki parathana (mannat) puri hone par aap unke mandir mein ek sharab ki bottle jaroor chadayenge.

Bheruji ka parcha (chamatkar) bahut prabal hai aur puri duniya unke chamatkar ko manti hai.

Karodo logo ki murad puri hoti hai aur wo bheruji ke mandir mein sharab ki bottle chadate hai.

Aap google par search kar sakte hai ki "bheruji ko sharab ki bottle log kyu chadate hai?".  Aapko pata chal jaayga ki log unko kyu itana mante hai.

2). Suraj devta ko subah naha kar jal arpti kare aur ek badi katori gehu ya aata rozana kisi gareeb parivar ko daan karein ye kaam niymit karo aapko chamatkar najar aayga.  Ye waise sarkari naukari prapt karne ke liye bahut accha upay hai.  Aapko ye kaam shardha se karna hoga.

3). Shaniwar ko sarson ka tail ka diya peepal ke ped mein jalana hoga. Har shaniwar aisa kare aapko labh hoga.

Naukri Pane Ke Totke In Hindi

Naukari nahi mil rahi hai aur lakh kosheesh ke bavjoodh bhi nokri nahi lag rahi hai na hi sarkari naukari mil rahi hai aur na hi koi acchi private job mil rahi hai to yaha diya gaya upay ek baar jaroor kar ke dekhe aapko labh hoga.

Nokri pane ke liye yaha par best remedy di ja rahi hai jisko karne se aapko jaroor naukari mil jaaygi.

Aapko ye saral lal kitab aur jyotishiya upay karna hai jo bahut saral to hai hi aur sath mein bahut sasta bhi hai.

Upay Is Prakar Hai-

Aapko ye upay 7 shaniwar karna hai.

Aapko 1 new kajal ki dibbi dukan se kharid leni hai aur apne sir ke upar se ghuma leni hai 7 times aur phir aapko usko kisi sunsan jagah par gaad deni hai.

Ye upay aapko 7 saturday ya 7 amavasya karna hai.

Naukri pane ka bahut hi simple aur best chamatkari totka hai ye isko karne se bahut logo ko labh hua hai isliye aap bhi kar ke dekhine aapko bhi labh hoga.

Aaj har koi vykti apne rojgaar aur naukari ko le kar paresaan hai. Yadi aap berozgar hai aur naukari ki talaas mein hai to ye totka kar ke dekhe-

लोगो के आजमाय हुए अचूक उपाय 

Aapki sahajata ko dekhte hue sabhi chamatkari upayo ko yaha ek sath diya ja raha hai isliye aap apni jaroorat ke anusaar koi bhi post ko pad saktein hai.

Naukari Pane Ka Mantra

Palmistry Life Line | Lifeline | Short | Long

Where Is The Lifeline On Your Hand

Life Line Meaning 

Hand Lifeline Meaning:

Short Life Line Versus Long Life Line

It extends from the edge of the palm above the thumb and travels in an arc towards the wrist. It is believed to represent the person's vitality and vigor, physical health and general well being. 

The life line is also believed to reflect major life changes, including cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and re-locations. 

Contrary to popular belief, modern palmists generally do not believe that the length of a person's life line is tied to the length of a person's life. 

If the head line is stronger than the life line it shows a person who is more mentally than physically active. 

Absence of Life Line on palm is very rare it indicates that the life of the subject is extremely precarious and death might occur at any moment.

How Close To Thumb

  • Close to the thumb - Low vitality.
  • Wide curve formed - Arduous and Exuberant

Thickness And Size

  • Pale and Thick line - Poor state of health, envy and often bad instincts.
  • Thick and red - Brutish instincts.
  • Uneven thickness - Fickle - mindedness
  • Deep and long - Vitality and robustness continues throughout the life.
  • Narrow and thin - Less resistance to illness.
  • A short line - The quantity of the energy at the subject's disposal is severely limited but not necessarily short life.


  • Chained Line - Bad health in early life
  • Drooping Offshoots - Weakness and loss of vitality
  • Rising Offshoots - Increased power, gains and success.
  • Ladder-like Line - Health is unreliable - delicate constitution.
  • Rope - like Line - An intensely nervous condition of health.
  • Branch to the Jupiter mount - Academic achievement.
  • Branch to the Saturn mount - A successful property transaction.
  • Branch to the Apollo mount - Monetary gain.
  • Branch to the Mercury mount - Business success.
  • Break in Life Line - Worries and obstacles caused by the opposition and interference of others.
  • Deep cross Bar Lines - Severe illness.
  • Crossed by little lines - Innumerable worries
  • Series of small breaks - Vitality impaired and delicate constitution
  • Island - Illness or loss of health.
  • Square - Protection from death or bad health
  • Star - Sudden death
  • Dot - Acute illness or accident
  • Black Spot - Sudden death.
  • Tassel - A complete breakdown in health at the fag end of one's life.

Space Between Head And Life Line

  • Medium space between this Line and the Head Line. Denotes energy and a go-ahead spirit - free to carry out one's plans
  • Very wide space between this Line and the Line of head Too much of self-confidence and dashing spirit - rather impulsive, hasty and usually not guided by reason.
  • Line of Life, head and heart, all joined together Very unfortunate sign - defect in temperament - rushes blindly into danger and catastrophe.

Line Rising From Life Line Reaching Mounts

  • Reaching the Mount of Jupiter - Social status and power.
  • Reaching the Mount of Saturn - Success in worldly things - generally amassing wealth.
  • Reaching the Mount of Sun - Name and fame in the field of art and literature.
  • Reaching the Mount of Mercury - Promises great success in business or science



Question: I want to get palm reading done by you so let me know how to contact you?

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Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to 4-5 pages.

Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

Question: Can you also suggest remedies?

Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading.

Question: Can you also suggest gemstone?

Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading.

Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera
(Take image from iphone or from any android phone) or you can also use scanner.

Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

Answer: You need to mention the below things with your palm images:-

  • Your Gender: Male/Female

  • Your Age:

  • Your Location:

  • Your Questions:

Question: How much the detailed palm reading costs?

Answer: Cost of palm reading:

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Question: How you will confirm that I have made payment?

Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:

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  • Receipt/slip photo of payment.

Question: I am living outside of India so what are the options for me to pay you?

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Answer: Payment options for Indian Clients:

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  • SBI Bank: (State Bank of India)

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Client's Feedback - August 2018

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