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Touch Wood | Knock On Wood Superstition

Most Popular Superstition In America : Touchwood ( Touching Wood )

 A superstition is a belief that an object or an action affects something that it normally has nothing to do with. For example, walking under a ladder, a cat walking in front of you, and breaking a mirror are supposed to bring bad luck.

A superstition is a belief that an object or an action affects something that it normally has nothing to do with. For example, walking under a ladder, a cat walking in front of you, and breaking a mirror are supposed to bring bad luck. Carrying a rabbit's foot, crossing your fingers, and knocking on wood are supposed to bring good luck. None of these things make sense, but there are people who believe in them.

Knocking on wood. This superstition to protect one from evil is a completely nonJewish practice, even though many Jews do it. Some connect this action to Christian belief, relating wood to slivers of the cross that were thought to bring good luck. However, this practice has a more universal, pantheistic origin. Long before the time of Jesus, cultures regarded trees as gods, with believers convinced that touching (or knocking on) wood could produce magical results.

It is very interesting that the same people who believe everything happens by chance are very superstitious. Superstition is simply admission to supernatural phenomenon. By dictionary definition, superstition means the disposition to believe in the supernatural, the occult, or the mysterious, without sufficient evidence. Many practices in almost every culture in the World are based on superstition, which people don't really understand how, but they know it happens. Superstition is therefore one evidence for the existence of the supernatural.

You have probably heard someone, talking about a good event that may soon happen, stop and say, "knock wood." More than likely, he will even look around for something wooden to knock on. This superstition dates all the way back to the time when men believed the air was filled with evil spirits. If they discussed a good thing, they rapped loudly on wood. Otherwise, the spirits might hear them and snatch the good thing away.

I found a very interesting superstitious practice in England, where the term "touch Wood" is used. Strangely, if you ask the person who "touched wood" about the origin of the expression, the chances are that he doesn't really know. It is a cultural practice to express superstition, suggesting that in the absence of any evil forces, nothing untoward would happen.

In USA, knocking on wood protects against evil rather than for attracting good luck. Usually the practice is a reaction to real or imagined bad news. In most cases the nearest wooden object is used, although, in some areas, tables are exempt. For example; knock on wood charm, knock on wood key chain, knock on wood charms, knock on wood cabinets, knock on wood furniture, etc. If there's no wood available, the practice is to knock on one's head, followed by pulling one's earlobe with the same hand accompanied by saying 'God guard us or 'May the Devil not hear.' Wood knocking is also practiced in UK.

A lot of people subscribe to the superstition that if you don't knock on wood, whatever fate-tempting statement you just made may well come true, or not. A lot of people don't know, however, that you have to be precise in the administration of this superstition. What if, for instance, you accidentally knock on wood more than the usual two times? In my view, if you accidentally knock three times, you have to knock one more time to make it an even four.

Underlying this superstition is the anxiety that the lucky break may not last, while the irrational element, the contact with a wooden object, is clearly irrelevant in prolonging the strain of good luck. The fact that the ritual of touching wood is so widely practiced derives on the one hand from its being transmitted from person to person. On the other hand it affects, as do so many beliefs, an emotional aspect that is common to a great number of people.

Another expression is "fingers Crossed." These expressions clearly suggest to me that there exists a belief in the existence of forces in operation that determine how events go. I would like you to carefully consider the rampant use of these expressions "touch wood" and "fingers crossed" in the daily lives of people in the USA, UK. Clearly the use of such terminology only reveals that "we don't know it all" and that certain events are beyond our control.

What about the Superstition Surrounding the number 13? Where did that come from? The answer is from the Last Supper. You see, Jesus and his 12 disciples sat down at the Last Supper and within a day Christ had been crucified and Judas hanged himself. And so it came to pass that people believed that whenever 13 persons sat down to dine together, at least One Would die within a year. From that the superstition Spread. I'll knock on wood.

Superstition is a belief in supernatural causality that one event leads to the cause of another without any physical process linking the two events, such as astrology, omens, witchcraft, etc., that contradicts natural science. They can't be overcome by logic as they are a throwback to early primitive religions in which man worshiped the wild elements.

Good & Bad Signs On Mount Of Saturn In Palmistry

Mount Of Saturn In Detail Palmistry

Mount of Saturn, is located underneath Middle finger.
 Mount of Saturn, is located underneath Middle finger.
Prominent Mount Of Saturn:- Well developed Mount Of Saturn indicates inclination towards occult science, research, astrology, maths, agriculture, wooden, real estate related job and business, etc. 

Flat Mount Of Saturn:- Flat Mount of Saturn indicates laziness, money-minded, superstitious, interest in black magic, astrology, late marriage, try to earn easy money, etc.

Overdeveloped Mount Of Saturn: Overdeveloped Mount of Saturn indicates suicidal thoughts, depression, arthritis, leg and arm injury, backache, depression, ADHD, unmarried, saint, introvert, fatalist, prone to accident, etc. 

Good & Bad Signs On Mount of Saturn On Hand 

Star On Mount Of Saturn :- Subject is prone to accident, one time life threatening accident, chances of going to prison, and paralysis.

Square On Mount Of Saturn :- Square on Mount of Saturn denotes as a protection to the subject from accident, injuries, evil eye, misfortune, etc.

Ladder On Mount Of Saturn :-  Ladder sign on Mount of Saturn indicates that subject will get success in mid-life by own efforts and hard work.

Vertical Line On Mount Of Saturn :- Single vertical line on Mount of Saturn indicates that subject will get sudden gain of wealth or rich.

Two Vertical Lines On Mount Of Saturn :- Two vertical lines on Mount of Saturn indicates that subject will get success only after hard work, late success.

Horizontal Line On Mount Of Saturn :- Single horizontal line on Mount of Saturn indicates that subject will get obstacles in career.

Cross On Mount Of Saturn :- Cross on Mount of Saturn indicates misfortune.

Triangle On Mount Of Saturn :- Triangle on Mount of Saturn indicates inclination towards astrology, science, and research.

Grille On Mount Of Saturn :- Grille on Mount of Saturn indicates unlucky, severe depression.

Trident On Mount Of Saturn :- Trident on Mount of Saturn indicates successful career, early success in life.

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Palmistry | Sign Of Rich On Hand

Auspicious, Lucky And Sign Of Rich On Hand

Money Line and Signs On Hand - Palmistry

Wealth Line - Indications Of Rich And Money In Palmistry

In Indian Palmistry there are few signs on the palm which indicates successful businessman, millionaire, rich, famous, extraordinary person,  wealthy, money from lottery, money from share market or stock market, sudden gain of wealth from lotto, lottery, and inheritance of property, etc.

sign of rich people millionaire on hand palmistry

Now, check if you have some of these auspicious signs/indications and lines on your hand/palm- Palmistry

1). Only one single vertical line on Mount of Mercury - If you have a single vertical line (see image 1) on your hand under Mount of Mercury then there are always chances of sudden gain of wealth most probably through speculative business.   

money on hand palmistry
Vertical line on Mercury Mount (image -1)

2). Triangles Outside or Inside of Lifeline - If you have triangles inside and outside of lifeline then there are chances that you will gain good amount of money at that particular time of age.  If triangle is not properly formed then you will not get full result from it.  If triangle is big and properly formed then you will get good result from it.  (See image -2)

money signs on hand palmistry
Triangle on Life Line (Image-2)

 3).  Yav sign between phalanges of thumb - If you have Yav sign between phalanx or joint of thumb then it indicates that subject will be rich in his/her life.  Yav sign is auspicious sign in Indian Palmistry. It represents wealth and richness. (See image -3).

money signs on hand palmistry
Yav Symbol On Thumb (Image 3)
4). Fish Symbol at the end of life line - If you have fish mark at the end of lifeline then there are strong chances that you will get good name and fame, success in abroad, and rich early in life. (see image 4)

Hand Image of Money Signs
Fish Mark (Image 4)

5). Star mark or sign on Sun Line - If you have two or three stars on your sun line then it indicates wealthy and famous but in middle age (you will get exact result of this particular sign in middle age).  (see image 5)

money sign on hand palmology
Star On Sun Line ( Image 5)

6). Line of Inheritance or Sign of Inheritance - If you have small vertical line between joint of ring finger and little finger (between mount of mercury and mount of sun) then there are strong chances that you will get easy money most probably through inheritance. ( See Image -6)

Vertical Line between Middle and Ring Finger (Image 6)

 7). Trident on Sun Line and Fate Line - If you have trident on fate line and sun line then it indicates that you will get wealth and prosperity throughout your life. You will get benefit/success in artistic field and land deals. (see image 7)  

trident for money
Trident On Hand (image 7)
8). "M" mark on hand - If you have symbol or sing of "M" on hand then it indicates subject is rich and wealthy.  ( see image 8)

m sign for money palmistry
"M" Sign On Hand (Image 8)
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Mandir (Temple) Indian Palmistry

palmistry temple sign is auspicious sign on hand

Mandir- Temple Sign On Hand Palmistry

The sign of temple or Shivalaya in the hand is indicative of a rich and great personage having exalted position in life. It is the sign found on the hand of royal people, prophets, saints and of course was present on the feet of Lord Krishna; on the hands of Tagore etc.

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The sign of temple (mandir) on palm formed by a square attached with a triangle on it giving it the shape of a temple. This is mostly found on the mount of Jupiter. 

This is rare sign on hand.  Great reformers and famous social workers have such a sign on their hands.  Should the hand be materialistic, this sign bestows vast wealth on the subject.  The temple mark shows that the subject will occupy a very high position in society.

There are few more lucky auspicious signs on hand as per Vedic Palmistry which changes the fortune of the person suddenly (in golden age or at particular age).
Name of other popular Lucky Hindu signs on Hand - Umbrella,  Canopy, Chattra, Dhawaja, Pataka, Flag, Khadag, Talwar, Sword, Devalaya , Vriksha, Ped, Tree, Kamal, Lotus, Swastika, Tortoise, Kachhua, Gaj, Mukuta, Chamar, Damaru, Wheel, Chakra, Spearhead, Bhala, Moon Sign, Chandra Chinha, Arrow, Teer, Scale, Weighing Scale, Taraju.

You will get full detail post about all auspicious signs on hand in this blog. 

Rajyog On Hand In Palmistry

Rajyog On Hand In Palmistry

Indications Of People Having Raj Yoga In Palm

Whatever yogas are made in the life of a person, all are made due to fate. If someone's luck is good, then the lines of his hands are very good from birth and the shape and size of the hand is also auspicious.  Rajyog means that the person will be having a prosperous life like a king, leader, politician, minister, etc.  The situations in which raj yoga is formed by the lines are shown and can be better understood by the picture given.

In this hand the fingers are straight, one branch from the lifeline is departing towards the Saturn mount which is also called the other fate line. All fingers are having the same base (the base of at least three fingers should be the same for forming Rajyoga and other criteria should be also met). The thumb of such persons is long and there is no defect in the brain line.  They always do intellectual work and handle big posts.

Such people's hands are very soft and their tolerance is very good. All the mounts of their hands are elevated and the color of the hand is red, which destroys all the defects in the hand.  They have their own way of traveling. Saturn's finger is long, indicating that both money and success will be achieved by them.

On the hands of such persons there is no bad lines in the area of the Jupiter planet and this area is developed well. Fate line is also good with a good life line.  Fate line and life line are away from each other and there is difference between the brain line and the head line, and these individuals are always ahead in giving donations and are having parental status and property.  If in such a hand the sun line is cut, there is an inauspicious sign on the Jupiter area or there is a rise in the Venus area, then such people start getting success late. If the brain line is flawless, the bracelet is clear and the fate line starts from the bracelet and goes to the Saturn mount, such people are fortunate from birth and work for welfare of society.

There is a lot of ambition in such people, as a result there is not a problem in getting prestige and fame.  These people have all the means of luxury and materialistic pleasure.

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Lucky Signs In Palmistry

Palm Reading Lucky Signs

Lucky Sign Shop

Swastika sign under Little finger as per Hindu sign auspicious sign learned, good business skill, spiritual, etc.  Subject donates big amount of money from his/her property for charity and trust or for religious matter.

As per Indian Palmistry M sign is auspicious sign denotes money and fame.

Vertical line on Mount of Jupiter from head/life line – Egoistic, leadership qualities, ambitious, fulfill of wishes, abroad travel, lungs, successful life and respiratory related issues.

Line from mount of upper mars towards mount of sun is called purva puyna line.  Auspicious sign on palm, subject gained great fortune as a result of his/her virtuous deeds.  Also shows inclination towards spirituality.  This type of line also shows good success in abroad (name and fame in abroad) and abroad trip but early life is troublesome and stressful.

Result of fish sign:  Subject could be always scared of water. Subject could have an incident of drowning in his life but someone will save him. Subject always suffers from sinusitis type of problems.  Subject is religious and prosperous. He is noble minded and works for charity.  Subject will earn name and fame in abroad.

Trident on sun line (not sure) denotes good financial position in middle age/old age.

Jupiter ring denotes interest in occult science and spiritualism and depression and tension (neurologic disorder).  Tensions are related to family.  You are not able to achieve desire success in life due to family responsibilities.

Result: Vertical lines on Mount of mercury: Doctor, social worker and healer, person loves to help others.

Sun Line is very good.  Mahalaxmi yog (sun line starts from fate line) denotes fulfill of all wishes, famous and rich, respected person in society.

Eight Pointed Lotus Sign Indian Palmistry

Lotus Sign Underneath Mount of Saturn (Asterisk Shape)

Lotus Sign (Kamal Chinha) is a 6-8 pointed sign that looks just like 5-6 pointed star. 

Lotus Sign (Padma Chinha): If a lotus flower or like-shaped figure be here, the person, if a female, will be sure to become a great lady, in fact almost a queen. If the same be on a male hand he will be sure to be renowned and great.
                                                                By: J. B. Dale

Triangle on Heart Line

Case Study - Indication Of Bad Marriage Palmistry

Sign of Bad Marriage

As you see clearly visible fork on marriage line in above hand picture which is the reason of bad marriage and divorce.

Case Study of Girl - 1st Marriage is Love Marriage Then 2nd Marriage Is Arrange Marriage

Her fate line is not good (weak, split and absent on Mount of Rahu) and cuts by worry lines indicates problem in married life between around ages 25 to age 35.

Her marriage line is also not good indicates bad marriage or no true love in her life.

Her fate line is split under headline on mount of rahu which is also the big reason of her bad marriage.

So it is very clear that if your fate line is not good with bad marriage line then there are always chances of bad marriage.

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Parallel Marriage lines (Affection In Relationship)

two marriages or two marriage lines on hand Everybody needs affection in relationship.

Double/Parallel Marriage Lines:

Everybody needs affection in relationship.  If two parallel lines run concurrently alongside each other and their respective lengths also correspond, it should be deduced that the native will have equal love for both the ladies: remember, in all the cases, the deepest and lengthiest affection line will be taken as the final line of affection.

Mostly parallel marriage lines on both hands indicates bad marriage.

Most of the time reason of differences and fights between couples is extramarital affair of partner (cheating with wife or husband). 

In this condition, parallel marriage lines should be equal in length.



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Destiny Of Rich & Poor People

Rajyog on Hand (Hindi)

Client's Feedback - August 2018

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