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हाथ में तलाक का योग - HASTREKHA VIGAN

हाथ में तलाक का योग 

यदि विवाह की रेखा हथेली के अंदर की और मुड़ती हुई दो  रेखाओ में बट जाय और उनमे से एक रेखा अंगूठे के गद्देदार स्थान तक पहुचे तो उस व्यक्ति का तलाक होता है ।

Spiritual Line Or Jupiter Line In Palmistry

The Ring Of Solomon

jupiter ring, girdle of jupiter, ring of solomon, diagonal line on mount of jupiter, mound of jupiter, hill of jupiter

It is a small line appearing as a semi-circle, embracing the Mount of Jupiter and ending near the beginning of the Life Line.

This line starts from between the first and second fingers (Jupiter and Saturn), grows downwards, circles the Mount of Jupiter, and ends near the start of the Vitality Line.  It is therefore a semicircular line and very rarely is it seen to be a flawless, complete line, generally it is not formed perfectly in the palm.  This line shows a latent ability for occult studies.  With other favorable indications the subject can become a good hand reader astrologer or numerologist.  It is of course ideal if the ring of Solomon is well marked and perfectly formed on the mount of Jupiter.  Almost invariably this mark reveals that the subject has a linking for the human mind.  By itself how ever the ring of Solomon will not indicate high development the ring of Solomon will not indicate high development in the field of the occult sciences,.  A good line of mentality a strong thumb and well marked fate line are very helpful or even necessary complementary indication as a very great deal of study is necessary before the subject can develop his native ability in this field.  On the hands of businessmen the mark has a different meaning.  They will be blessed with a knee business intuition which will help them when making major business decisions.

Function Of Ring Of Solomon

Presence of Ring Of Solomon indicates a love and flair for occult sciences

It also suggests spiritual help from one who is deeply involved in spirituality.

Characteristic Features Of Ring Of Solomon

Absence of the Line - No special significance

Clear And Deep Line - Strong leanings towards the occult and the esoteric sciences.

Sign Of Weighing Scale (Taraju) In Palm | Hast Rekha

Sign Of Weigh Scale (Tarazu) On Hand

If you want to become rich, then see if there is a sign of weighing scale in your palm or not. In samudrik astrology, this sign is said to be very auspicious. Presence of this sign tells that Goddess Lakshmi is pleased with you. This sign makes Lakshmi Yoga in the hand, which gives you great wealth and happiness.

Auspicious Signs and Symbols in Palmistry

In addition to these symbols, many symbols are found in the hands, in which the Sun and elephant signs are considered auspicious. An elephant sign on mount of Venus makes Brahma due to which a person becomes wise, intelligent, and efficient speaker. 

You have read the first, second and third parts of "Signs found in the Palm" and you have got good information about the results of various signs and symbols found in your hands.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

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Cross Ya Dhan Chinha Ka Graho Aur Rakhao Par Prabhaav

Cross Sign Ka Parvato Par Matlab Kya Hota Hai ?

Cross Guru Parvat Pr:- Guru parvat pr cross faldayak hota hai. Aisa vykti prem ke matter mein bhagyashali hota hai. Aise vykti ka vivah acche kul (gharane) mein hota hai. Yadi yah cross index finger ke neeche hai to vykti ka vivah ya prem sambhandh kaafi late 40 ke baad ki umar mein hota hai aur yadi jeevan rekha aur index finger ke beech mein hai to vykti ka vivah 30 ki aayu ke baad mein hota hai aur yadi cross jeevan rekha ke sameep hai to aise vykti ka vivah ya prem sambhandh kishoravastha mein ho jata hai. Yaha pr aapko vivah rekha ko bhi mahtav dena hoga aur cross independent hona chahiye. Guru parvat pr cross hone pr vykti ki vichardara adarshvadi ho jati hai aur vo dharmik karyo mein roochi leta hai lekin yadi cross ko koi avrodh rekha kaat de to cross ka shubh fal ashubh fal mein badal jata hai.

Cross Shani Parvat Pr:- Shani parvat pr cross ashubh fal deta hai.  Aisa vykti dubhagyashali hota hai.  Aisa vykti dharmandh hota hai. Yadi cross middle finger ke neeche ya sameep hai to aisa vykti ko santaan nahi hoti hai aur aisa vykti tantra mantra aur jadu tona karne wala hota hai.(Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Cross Ravi Parvat Pr:- Ravi parvat pr cross hone pr aise vykti ko sarkari naukari aur vykti ko apni prtibha ke khestra mein bhi asafalta ka mooh dekhna padta hai.  Aisa vykti jitana pryas safalta ke liye karta hai usko utni hi nirasha milti hai.

Cross Budh Parvat Pr:- Budh parvat pr cross hone pr aisa vykti jaalsaaj hota hai. Aisa vykti baimaani se paisa banata hai.  Aisa vykti doosaro ko sadaiv dhoka deta hai.

Cross Chandra Parvat Pr:- Chandra parvat pr cross hone pr aise vykti ko paani se bhay rahata hai, madhumah (diabetes) ka rog ho jata hai.  Aisa vykti sadaiv najle, jukaam (sinus) se paresaan rahata hai aur aise vykti ka vivah late hota hai.  Chandra parvat pr cross ka chinha ashubh faldayak hai. (

Cross Ketu Parvat Pr:- Jis manushya ke hath mein cross ka chinha ketu parvat pr ho to aise vykti ka bachpan gumnami mein gujrata hai aur wo bachpan mein beemar rahata hai. Aise vykti ko charam rog hone ki sambhavna rahati hai.

Cross Shukar Parvat Pr:- Cross shukar parvat pr adarsh prem ko darshata hai.  Yadi cross jeevan rekha ke sameep ho to aisa vykti sanyasi ban jata hai ya jail jata hai ya phir aise vykti ka sambhandh apne parivar se accha nahi rahata hai.  Shukar parvat pr cross hone pr aise vykti ko guptang se sambhandhit rog ya uski prajanan shakti kam ho jaati hai.

Cross Mangal Parvat Pr:- Cross mangal parvat hone pr vykti krodhi hota hai aur krodh ke chalte wo hatya jaisa dushkaram kar deta hai ya phir aatam-hatya kar leta hai. Aisa vykti karagaar (jail) bhi ja sakta hai.  (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Cross Rahu Parvat Pr:- Cross Rahu parvat pr hone pr vykti ko yuvakaal mein kaafi dukh dekhne padte hai karan parivar mein kisi ki death ho jana ya phir achanak dhan hani ho jana. Aise vykti ko jeevan ke shuruwat mein kaafi samasyo se gujarana padta hai.

Cross Jeevan Rekha Pr:- Jeevan rekha pr cross hone pr vykti ke sambhandh apne parivar walo se kabhi acche nahi rahate hai. Jeevan rekha ke shuru mein cross accident darshata hai aur beech mein pet (stomach) se sambhandhit bimari darshata hai aur jeevan rekha ke end mein cross hone pr jaanleva bimari darshata hai.

Cross Mastak Rekha Pr:- Mastak Rekha pr cross hone pr manshik chinta aur sir dard ki bimari ho jati hai.  Aise vykti ko sir mein chot lagti hai. Aise vykti ki eyes kamzor ho jati agar surya parvat ke neeche headline pr cross ho to. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)

Cross Hridya Rekha Pr:- Hridya rekha pr cross hone ka matlab hai vykti ka hridya durbal hai.  Aisa vykti dayalu hota hai jiski wajah se wah kai baar dokha khata hai. Aisa vykti chotti si musibat ko dekh kar bahut jaldi ghabra jata hai.

Cross Ravi Rekha Pr:- Aise vykti ko apne karyo aur paryaaso mein safalta nahi milti hai.  Aise vykti ko dhanhani hone ki sambhavna rahti hai aur badnami bhi mil sakti hai.

Cross Bhagya Rekha Pr:- Bhagya rekha ke shuru mein cross hone pr bachpan mein takleefe dekhni padti hai aur yadi bhagya rekha mein cross beech mein hai to dhanhani hoti hai aur yadi aakhir mein hai to aise vykti ka bhagya sath nahi deta hai.

Cross Swasthya Rekha Pr:- Swasthaya rekha pr hone ka matlab hai lambi bimari.  Aisa vykti apne jeevan se nirash aur udas hota hai.

Cross Vivah Rekha Pr:- Vivah rekha pr cross hone pr vivah dukhmay hota hai karan kuch bhi ho sakta hai.

Cross Santan Rekha Pr:- Santaan Rekha pr cross hone pr aise santan jeevit nahi rahati hai.

Cross Mangal Rekha Pr:-  Cross Mangal Rekha par hone par vykti darpok ho jata hai aur aisa vykti sharirik roop se kamzor ho jata hai.

Cross Yatra Rekha Pr:- Cross yatra rekha pr hone ka matalb hai asfal yatra aur accident travel karte waqt.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

Types Of Fate Line In Palmistry

The Fate Line or Line of Saturn Shows Your Psychological Attitude towards Work and Material Prospects

The Fate Line is also called the Line of Destiny as well as the Line of Saturn. It is referred to as the Line of Saturn because it is under the influence of the planet Saturn. This line reveals the material prospects of the subject to a significant degree. It accurately records changes in career and job position during the lifetime of the subject. Periods of financial brightness or dullness can be worked out by a close study of the line. Financial losses, specific set-backs in married life, and periods of worry and anxiety are all reflected in the structure of the line. By itself, the Fate Line does not give any health indications, but it most accurately shows the effect of good health or poor health upon the career of the subject.

The ideal Fate Line will be long, deep, clear and well cut. Such a line will bestow favorable effects on the career of the subject. This type of line has got plenty of potential to brighten the material prospects and general success of the subject.
Origin of the Fate Line

The Fate Line or Line of Saturn can start from various places in the hand. It may start from the center of the palm or the Plain of Mars as it is called in this science. In astrology Mars symbolizes strife, struggle and determined efforts. Such an origin means that the subject will really have to struggle very hard to achieve success in life. It will only be by "blood, sweat, toil and tears", to use Winston Churchill's famous phrase, that the subject's aims in life will be achieved. Mars and Saturn are malefic planets, hostile to each other. When the Fate Line starts from the Plain of Mars and ends on Saturn, there is a connection between Saturn and Mars in the career of the subject. Since Saturn and Mars are bitterly hostile to one another, it is easy to understand why such an origin shows a bitter struggle before success is achieved. Truly, such a subject will achieve success with practically no help from anyone.

The Fate Line Starting From The Plain Of Mars
The Fate Line Starting From The Plain Of Mars

In astrology, the planet Venus symbolizes, among other things, the family and relations of the subject. By family here, is meant the father, mother, brothers and sisters of the subject. You will sometimes find the Fate Line originating inside the Vitality Line, from the Mount of Venus. The life of such a subject will be strongly influenced by his family, and his career could be very strongly influenced by family members. It is observed through practical experience that such subjects will be very strongly attached to their families even after marriage.

The Fate Line can also have its origin from the first Bracelet or Rascette and travel straight up through the centre of the palm to end on the Mount of Saturn just under the second finger. With other favourable indications, this means that the subject will attain great heights in his career. It is a truth of hand analysis that a long, well-marked Fate Line shows that the subject is very much under the influence of fate.

The Fate Line Starting From Inside Of Mount Of Venus
The Fate Line Starting From Inside Of Mount Of Venus

You will often find the Fate Line rising from the Vitality Line. This means that the subject will be self-made and rise through personal merit. Most of the planning for his career will be done by the subject himself. In a few cases I have seen, such origins also mean that the subject initially secured help from family members.

The Fate Line Rising From The Vitality Line
The Fate Line Rising From The Vitality Line

The normal termination of the line is on the Mount of Saturn just at the base of the Saturn or middle finger. The earlier part of the line refers to the early years of the subject's life up to adolescence. From the plain of Mars up to the meeting point of the Fate Line and Line of Mentality, the ages twenty-one to thirty-five approximately are represented on the line. The subsequent part of the line represents, roughly, the ages of thirty-five to seventy. The principle is that the higher up the line appears in the palm, the later in life will success be achieved by the subject. The career only becomes meaningful when the Fate Line makes a distinct appearance in the palm.

The Fate Line Rising Only From The Line Of Mentality
The Fate Line Rising Only From The Line Of Mentality

If you are an experienced hand analyst, you will sometimes find the Fate Line starting from the Line of Mentality, and heading towards the direction pf the Mount of Saturn. Naturally, in such a case, there will be no Fate Line from the wrist to the Head Line. Such a line means that the subject will achieve success through intensive planning and mental ability. We can easily understand how mental ability enters the picture because the Fate Line touches the Line of Mentality. This line will also mean that success will only be achieved in middle age, from approximately the age of thirty-five.

Sometimes you will find the Fate Line starting only from the Heart Line and ending on the Mount of Saturn. This will mean that success will come to the subject very late in life, starting approximately from the age of forty five. It is not often that even a very experienced hand analyst encounters such a formation of the Fate Line.

The Fate Line Rising From The Mount Of Moon
The Fate Line Rising From The Mount Of Moon

The Planet Moon represents public appeal, water, foreign travel, foreign contacts, migration and the feminine element in astrology. The Fate Line can also start from the Mount of Moon and rise to the Mount of Saturn. Such a subject can achieve success in a career that deals largely with the public. We hand analysts find such an origin of the Fate Line very often on the hands of doctors, lawyers, politicians, entertainers, hand analysts and astrologers. It will readily be perceived that these people owe their success to the approval and appreciation of the public. With such a line, the subject will get plenty of help from outside contacts and pretty often also from the opposite sex. If the Marriage Line or Line of Affection is favorable, the Mount of Venus is well-formed and free of defects, and the Fate Line is strong and well-marked, the subject with this formation will definitely get substantial help from his or her spouse. This help need not always be financial or material. It can also mean good, timely advice, or introduction and recommendation to influential parties.

Missing Fate Line On Hands In Palmistry

Absence of the Fate Line

Sometimes you will find that the Fate Line is missing on the hands. This certainly does not mean that the subject will not be a success in life several wealthy people do not have Fate Lines on their hands. I have found that on the hands of wealthy people without Fate Lines the mounts of the hand were well-developed, the palm was broad, the hand showed a materialistic outlook, the thumb was strong, the fingers were evenly set on the palm, and there were favorable signs such as the fish, temple, and trident on the hand.

This explained why these subjects were wealthy and successful, in spite of the missing Fate Line. To the expert hand analyst the lack of a Fate Line holds no mystery and he does not think it necessary to write a novel or detective story called The Case of the Missing Fate Line in the best tradition of Erle Stanley Gardner. The lack of a Fate Line is only adverse for material success if there are no compensating features on the hand.

The missing Fate Line means that the subject rises by sheer hard work and determination. Such men do not believe in luck or chance but in grabbing every opportunity that comes their way to achieve success in life. However, a missing Fate Line does show some major defect in the psychology of the subject it tends to suggest a certain lack of direction in life. Should a multi-millionaire be without a Fate Line, it would mean that he does not know what to do with his wealth. In that sense, the missing Fate Line is a psychological handicap to the subject.

Marriage Line is Divided Into Two Parts

Palmistry Marriage Line

         Marriage line is related to man's family life, love, understanding and to some extent with his health also. Marriage line is not an independent line. The prediction can only be made after analyzing the coordination of other lines along with this line. Generally, it is seen, that an astrologer predicts the incidents of marriage in man's life on the basis of number of marriage lines present in the palm. But it is not correct. Marriage line is located in the middle of the origin of heart line and Mercury finger in the palm.

If marriage line is divided into two parts in the front, then the native faces bitterness and misunderstanding in marital relations. Their family life runs on the sharp edges of a sword. The ladies with such lines are very sentimental.



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