Rajyog On Hand In Palmistry

Rajyog On Hand In Palmistry

Indications Of People Having Raj Yoga In Palm

Whatever yogas are made in the life of a person, all are made due to fate. If someone's luck is good, then the lines of his hands are very good from birth and the shape and size of the hand is also auspicious.  Rajyog means that the person will be having a prosperous life like a king, leader, politician, minister, etc.  The situations in which raj yoga is formed by the lines are shown and can be better understood by the picture given.

In this hand the fingers are straight, one branch from the lifeline is departing towards the Saturn mount which is also called the other fate line. All fingers are having the same base (the base of at least three fingers should be the same for forming Rajyoga and other criteria should be also met). The thumb of such persons is long and there is no defect in the brain line.  They always do intellectual work and handle big posts.

Such people's hands are very soft and their tolerance is very good. All the mounts of their hands are elevated and the color of the hand is red, which destroys all the defects in the hand.  They have their own way of traveling. Saturn's finger is long, indicating that both money and success will be achieved by them.

On the hands of such persons there is no bad lines in the area of the Jupiter planet and this area is developed well. Fate line is also good with a good life line.  Fate line and life line are away from each other and there is difference between the brain line and the head line, and these individuals are always ahead in giving donations and are having parental status and property.  If in such a hand the sun line is cut, there is an inauspicious sign on the Jupiter area or there is a rise in the Venus area, then such people start getting success late. If the brain line is flawless, the bracelet is clear and the fate line starts from the bracelet and goes to the Saturn mount, such people are fortunate from birth and work for welfare of society.

There is a lot of ambition in such people, as a result there is not a problem in getting prestige and fame.  These people have all the means of luxury and materialistic pleasure.

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