Controversy On Left Hand & Right Hand Palmistry

A Controversy: Left Hand or Right Hand

The first question that comes into the mind of a new palmist is whether he should study the left or the right hand. There are many theories and beliefs about that. In ancient India (even now in many cases) people were of the view that for the man the right hand should be seen, and for women the left hand should be seen. Later, people started to say that if a man or woman is independent for his earnings and decisions then his right hand should be seen, but if anyone is dependent on their parents or husband then their left hand should be studied. Now most of the palmists are of the view that the active hand should be seen and there should be no discrimination of age or sex. But in modern times generally both hands are seen to get out of this long dispute and it has proved to be of great help. But still the active hand is given the importance. The active hand is the one with which one writes and uses most of their tools. The other hand is called the passive hand.

The passive hand tells the past habits and incidents of life. These past habits and behaviours were the results of his environmental and genetic influences (from parents). The active hand tells about the present and future. The active hand tells the present behaviour of the person and what changes this person has brought into his life. So it can be easily understood that if a person has different lines in both of his hands, then he has brought many changes into his life. If he has better lines and signs in his active hand, then he is making positive changes. However, if his passive hand has better lines then it clearly means that he had better potential and had good chances, but he could not make use of them.

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