Headline In Palmistry

It starts from the edge of the palm under the index finger and flows across the palm towards opposite edge, represents the person's mind and the way it works, including learning style, communication style, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge. It indicate preference for creative or analytical approaches to information. Narrow space between Head Line and the Life line - Quickness of judgment and independent thinking - mental and moral courage-success in life.

Rising From Jupiter - Great brain power, ambition, and power.
Rising From Life Line - Cautious and extremely sensitive. 
Rising From Mars Mount - Frightful worrying nature, conflicting and quarrelling attitude.

Characteristic Nature Of The Line
Straight and Clear head - Practical common sense and a love for material things more than those of the imaginations. 
Straight then Sloping - Balance between the purely imaginative and the purely practical.
Sloping - Romance, idealism, imaginative work, and Bohemianism. 
Sloping and Ending with fork - Literary talent of the imaginative order. 
Extremely long and straight - High intellectual power and selfish nature.
A long line - A wide field of understanding
A short line - A more limited mental range.
A chained Line - Fluctuating attention - lack of concentration.
Double Line - versatility of the mind.
Curved Line - Mental and moral spheres are more predominant.
Deep and strong - Generosity and broad - mindedness.
Deep - High Concentration Power.
Wide and broad - Less concentration - vacillating and changeable.
Wavy - No fixedness of ideas.
Ladder-like Line - Utter lack of stability - fickle mindedness - continuous head - aches
Breaks in Line - Indicative of some mental trauma
Extending across with a Line of Health - Distinct and straight good memory.
Long straight Line, long conical first finger, Appropriate Mounts of Sun and Jupiter - Love of reading.
Short and poorly marked Line, Small thumb - Idiocy.

Marks On Line

Rising Offshoots to the Heart Line - The affection will be a matter of fascination and not of love.
Multi-formation - A split personality.
Sloping near to the Rascette and terminating in a cross or star - Brilliant future.
Sloping and terminating in a fork - Imagination coupled with analytical reasoning.
Large island at the termination - Severe intestinal trouble.
Circle on Line under the Mount of Saturn - Eye-trouble.
Triangle on Line under the Mount of Mercury - Success in scientific researches.
Ends in a grille or Cross on the Mount of Moon - Tendency to insanity.
Ends in a star, grille or cross on the Mount of Saturn or the Line of Fate - Unnatural death caused by accident or murder.

Nature Of Line Depending On Mounts

Long line, high Mounts of mars, Jupiter and Mercury - Unusual power of concentration
Long sloping line, strong Mount of Moon, Second and third fingers of same length - Love of gambling-disposition to take great risks in business.
Short line, low Mount of Jupiter, exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon - Laziness.
Short Line, low Mount of Venus - Narrow mindedness and uncharitable nature.
Pale and broad Line, low Mount of Venus - Dull intellect.
Wavy Line, exaggerated mount of Mercury - Dishonesty.
Separated from Life Line, exaggerated Mounts of Jupiter and Mars - Over-confidence.
Forms curve towards the Mount of Moon - Wide understanding but limited by imagination which repels mere practicality.
Slopes towards the Mount of Moon, cuts the Line of Mercury and ends in the middle of the Mount - Betrays acute imagination which seeks trouble and excitement.
Long straight line ending on the Mount of Upper Mars - Generous and merciful - carries the burden of the family and friends for a long time.
Sloping and terminating with a trident on the Mount of Moon - Literary talent of the imaginative order.
Straight and slightly curved upwards on Mars - Unusual success in business - keen sense of value of money.
Terminates on the Mount of Moon - Poetic ability-artistic talents-scholarly.
Terminating under the Mount of Saturn - Premature death or great intelligence faded out.
Terminating on the Mount of Saturn - Death by an head injury - a sign of fanaticism.
Terminating on the Mount of Sun - A passion for fine arts and literature.
Broken under the Mount of Saturn and sloping deeply into the Mount of Moon - Danger of abnormal mental disposition.

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