How To Check Child Gender From Children Lines In Indian Palmistry & Western Palmistry

Children Lines

a- Vertical lines on the line of marriage

b- Lines on the mount of Venus behind the life line

c– Yav signs on the second phalange of the thumb, showing male issues

d- Horizontal lines between the lines of Head and Heart

e-Vertical lines on the second phalange of the fourth finger

f- Vertical lines on the second phalange of the Saturn finger

g-Vertical lines on the second phalange of the thumb

h- Horizontal lines on the mount of Moon

i- The Heart line forks at the start

If other defect or any birth control method, or an operation of tubectomy or vasectomy of husband or wife should be considered before making a prediction.

The lines of marriage and children are seen on the hands of eunuchs, celebates, spinsters and nuns, but these lines do not indicate marriage or children, but stand for affection and students/disciples, respectively. The hands of the couple must be seen before making predictions about the children, as both husband and wife are responsible for the birth of a child.

Western palmists say that small vertical lines on the mount of Mercury above the line of Marriage indicate children. Such lines run from outside the line of Marriage into the hand. When the lines are thin, slanting and weak, daughters are indicated. but, when the lines are broad, clear and upright, sons are predicted. Healthy children are shown by clear and strong lines. A break or an island on these lines denotes illness or death of a child. Death or illness of the issues is not generally ascertainable from these lines. The eldest child is shown in the center of the mount of Mercury. Some authors say it is shown by the farthest line around percussion, but the former indication is found correct.

In Indian palmistry, there are also other lines which are said to indicate the number of children.

The lines crossing the mount of Venus vertically at the bottom of the thumb show issues a person is likely to have in a natural way i.e., if birth control methods are not applied. Long and clear lines show sons and thin lines show daughters. If the lines are not crossed and defective, children are likely to be healthy and their span of life normal.

A Yav on the second joint of the thumb shows a male issue and this sign is found to be mostly true in my personal experience. More than one Yuv sign means more than one male issue. Small vertical lines on the side of the second phalange of the thumb will show children of the husband" and on the left thumb such lines show children of the wife."

*Such lines are not seen in many cases and such a position generally arises in western countries where remarriages and divorces are very common. Readers may recall the famous humorous tit-bit “Your children, my children and our children".

Small upward lines between the lines of Head and Heart show helpful children. The lines on the side of the palm towards the mount of Moon show children at the time of death. The lines between the lines of Head and Heart also tell about children. Children are also ascertained from the clear vertical lines on the second phalange of the Mercury finger, and also from the second phalange of the Saturn finger.

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