How To Tell Age On Life Line Palmistry

How To Tell Age Of Person From His Life Line

How To Tell Death And Longevity From Palm Reading 

Life line in the palm of a person is the line that drop away downward to the wrist from the Mars or Jupiter mount or the place that is amid them. This is also termed as the father line and is therefore considered as a very important line. In palmistry, life line is the very first line that is analyzed by the palmist and then the other lines are considered.

It is a centuries old belief that by the lifeline, span of life of a person could be determined. It is believed that when there is no line crossing the life line and it is standing alone than it is very good and is a symbol of long, healthy and happy life for the person. Not just the life span could be determined by the lifeline but is also serves a very resilient base for work ability, vitality, body strength and liveliness making the life cheerful.

Short Life Line But Lived Long

For accurate readings, generally both the hands are considered by the palmists. Primarily, the overall well being, substantial changes in life and health are indicated by the life line. In palmistry, there is unanimity that the life quality and vitality of a person could be determined by the life line. For determining the life span by the life line, the ration of life line to heart line is considered by the palmists so as to conduct the reading related to life line. Depending on this ration, the indicated life span is determined by the expert palmists.

Along with the life line, if the marshal line also goes then there is high growth in the life line power.  For a person, this arrangement of life line and marshal line (mars line) indicates strong health such that no health related issue can have much impact on the person and he can also recover very quickly from any type of health concern.

In case there are certain breaks in the line then this might indicate danger or illness or great fear of something. For this reason, it is important to take the advice of expert palmists so as to know about the age as well as determine the danger that might be there on the life of a person. Certain lines are drawn by the palmists on the hands so as to determine the age of the person. Lines might be drawn in the following pattern:
  • Starting from the middle finger’s middle base to the first bracelet line’s middle finger
  • Starting from the thumb tip’s center to the bracelet line’s middle.
  • Starting from the index finger’s base middle to bracelet line’s left end.
  • After this, lines could be drawn from the Venus mount’s topmost point. 

After drawing all these lines, the age of the person is determined by the palmists with the help of numbers that are calculated on the basis of these lines. With the help of life line, it is possible to determine the probable health issues that might affect the person and palmists could also advice regarding life span and longevity of the person.

How To Calculate The Age Of A Person From Life Line 

There are so many systems and methods available in palmistry books to calculate age and time from Life Line.  Two methods are mostly used by palmists to calculate life line are three year counting system and seven year counting system.  The seven year counting system is mostly used by all palmists.  Few palmists also use six year counting system.  

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