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Types Of Head Line And Sings On Head Line

Types Of Head Line And Sings On Head Line

1). Chained-Confusion of ideas.

2).Wavy-Fickle minded.

3).Tied to the Life line-Timidity and no education.

4).Pale and broad-Dull intellect.

5).Cross-Danger of accident.

6).Island-Workload heavy.

7).Knotted-Tendency to Murder.

8).Star-Pain in the teeth.

9).Breaks-Injury to brain.

10).Crosses near the line-Long illness.

11).Forked termination-Good thinking.

12).Triangle-Success in science.

13).Absence of the Head line-Foolishness.

14).Close to the Heart line-Asthma.

15).Spot-Risk of injury.



18).Circle-Chances of blindness.

19).Upward branches from head line - Success.

20). Downward branches from head line - Failure.

Indications On Palm Of Good Wife Palmistry

Indications On Palm Of Good Wife Palmistry

Hand Of Good Wife Or Helpful Wife In Palmistry

1). The fingers are conical and elastic. 

2). The Heart line is branched and reaching the Mount of Jupiter.

3). The Headline is straight and slightly sloping. 

4). The Mercury finger is pointed. 

5). The palm is balanced but not narrow.

6). No island on sun line.

7). No break on fate line under headline.

8). Good marriage line instead of bad sign on marriage line.

9). Mount of Venus is not over bulgy and no bad sign on it.

10). Mount of Jupiter is not over bulgy and no bad sign on it.

11). Head line is tie with life line or no big gap in between them.

Marriage Line Touching Heart & Brain Line After Being Punctured By Other Lines (Mental Tension & Lunacy Caused By Marriage) - Palm Reading

Marriage line crossed head line and heart line

If marriage-line is transversed/intersected or punctured by a vertical line, and its one branch or a suddenly emerging line intersects brain-line or heart-line and also if a sign of star or an island also touches this line, then it should be taken for granted that marital life will be like hell and also replete with miseries, tribulations and troubles. 

This factor can also become a contributory factor in causing mental festivity and trouble to the native(s) (see fig. 344) Similarly the said chance-line can also vitiate and adversely impact other mounts and sites too. If this line touches the lifeline, then marital problems and hurdles will adversely cast damaging effect upon native's health, and ultimately it might cause danger to his/her life even. Hence, it is essential that this line and its various impacts should be thoroughly studied before any prediction is made. 

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Which Hand To Read (Left or Right) In Palmistry

Old Indian Palmists Theory About Left & Right Hand

Old Indian Theory About Hand Reading

Old Indian Theory About Hand Reading

In males see the right hand after sunrise at the hora of the day. 

Ladies who are teachers, doctors, working as an active member of the family, should have their right hand studied. 

If the person is left handed, see both the hands and them his/her left hand.

As a rule both the hands must be placed side by side and then studied according to the Indian Palmists. 

Complete Guide Of Palmistry

learn complete guide palmistry


After my seven years experience I have A. many mysterious information about Palmistry. Before I explain the complete study of palmistry you must believe in it.

After my research on hundreds of people I came to know many things about palmistry. People actually believe that palmistry is blind belief. But I will say that palmistry is a science explaining the perfect guidance of our future. Most scientists now believe that palmistry works. Actually there is a lot of difference between palmistry and astrology. In order to explain each and every line of palmistry you must first know how lines are formed. The major lines head line, heart line and life line are formed at the birth, this is of reason that the child will hold his fist close together which makes the responsible for the marks. That marks are not changes in his whole life. The three marks define the person's character, health, intelligent and life span. According to me the main reason for forming of lines other than the three major lines are the blood circulating in our body will sometimes slows at particular position in palm which makes the line appears. On the other hand, the lines are formed because of our nerves interactions.

Now let me directly enter the study of palmistry. In these chapters am going to explain each and every line in our palm. Before you start examine the lines you need to know few things. Which I will explain as question and answers. 

1. Is palmistry true? 
A : Yes. Because I have examined hundreds of palms of poor, rich, business person, artist, beggar and millionaire.

You can believe in palmistry. We already knew Cheiro's palmistry, but my palmistry found many changes than Cheiro's. with the help of my palmistry you can find the every persons behavior, character, intelligent, luck, love, happiness, earnings and even crime.
Not only the palmistry I will explain some mysterious articles of our hand. All the articles in this book I have explained in a easy way so that one can understand easily.

2. What about Planets and Sun signs?
A: Some people believe in Planets rather than Palmistry. Most Scientists and Astrologer found that the Planets have no influence in our life. But I will give a small information which makes you believe in planets influence.
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto are the 9 Planets that shows influence in our life.
Let us take an example of Sun. We already know without sun there is nothing on Earth. For example let us take two persons, one from India and other from America. We can easily identify the person just seeing at them, because of their color, speech and body language. Let us take a person is having too much sun bath. We can say that the person will likely to affect from some diseases. According to science taking excess of sun bath daily will lead to dangerous diseases like Cancer. This is a direct research, but the indirect thing here is the person affects from Cancer only if he is likely to have too much sun bath. This will clearly show that there is influence of sun in our life.

For example if you see the Moon you feel like relaxing, stress less and peace. Here moon has some influence on us which makes us relax or other..... This also proves that Moon has some influence on us. In the same way the planets shows their effect on human beings which are responsible for rich, poor, good, bad, happy, unhappy, luck, unlucky and so on.

3. What about Horoscopes?
A: Most of my friends, Palmistry seekers will ask me whether the horoscopes will have influence on our future. The answer is No. Most of astrologer explains daily horoscopes saying this year is good, this year is bad and blablabla. Actually no horoscope is true. They do not show effect on our future. They are for nothing. My kind information is please do not believe in horoscopes. The sun signs are just an identification marks which helps one person to know which planet is influencing him.
One more important information is that the planets will not show their effects unnecessarily, for example a person is born under the influence of Venus, this person will be happy, rich, prosperous. All his planets influences are defined first itself, they again do not change.

4. What about moles will they have influence in our future:
A: Yes. They have, let us take an example. A person is having a mole on his knees, it explains that the person will be rich because of his wife's influence. You can take the moles as planets that influence at that particular position. But this is not the perfect time to explain about this.

5. How can we find a particular planet is influencing.
A. Most of us do not know which Planets is influencing. The answer is simple; I will explain how to identify the planets influences in our life. In palmistry the planets are called mounts. I will explain what the particular mount signifies.

Sun Mount: This one of the most important mount to have. If no sun mount no sun light to our future. The persons born under this mount will become familiar to society very quickly, Politicians, Leaders will come under this category.

Moon Mount : this mount will have a good influence in one's life. A person who is influenced by this planets can have his mount elevated. The persons having this mount will be rich, peace loving, travelers, lowers and artists.

Venus Mount: this mount will have a good influence in one's life. A person who is influence by this planet can have his mount elevated. The persons having this mount will be Artists; Will have prosperous, romantic, kind hearted as well as philosophic character. Most of Film Artists, Big Business persons, Teachers comes under this category.

Mars Mount: This mount will have some good as well as some negative influence, The person having mars planet influencing will be Anger, Short temper and Hard Workers, Software engineers, Private workers, team leaders will come under this category.

Jupiter Mount : One of the most powerful Mount to have. The people of this mount will be straight forward, Confident, intelligent, caretakers and dignified. All major big categories like a CEO of a Company, Administrator, IAS, IPS or a person of high position will have this mount. These peoples look so simple.

Source: A Complete Guide On Palmistry by Mr. Naik

Guest Ask Palmistry Question About Star On Mount Of Sun


I've researched a lot about palmistry and come across your work in this field. You have shown many accurate reading in the palm lines, I have a star on my hand and wanted to know what this means, the star is located near the Apollo mount and there is a sun line which stars from the mount Mars and ends to the star, can you please let me know on this meaning.


Star on Mount of Sun denotes subject will get good name and fame due to own efforts and talent.

 What's the difference between rich and poor person


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If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.